Virgo May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This May will come up with some personal dilemmas and might see you dwelling between several options.

The rule of the thumb should be to follow your heart’s desire so that you end up at least somewhat happy with your choice. But it seems that the rationality in you won’t let you succumb completely to emotions, thus the struggle will actually be as real as possible.

No wonder why it is said that later we only regret what we have not done, not what we have done wrong. So keep in mind that even bad experiences help you develop your personality.

Natives who are in a relationship should pay even more attention not to let themselves seduced by someone with some dirty intent. Who knows, this person might actually be a friend.

The money that comes to you this month will be well deserved but might come rather late and not at the particular time you will be expecting it. Make sure you take any necessary precautions not to be impacted by this.

May highlights

Starting the month under Mercury in Taurus you are likely to be very precious about your opinions and not share them with just about anyone. You will find yourself counting more on facts and actions than on words.

You will also put some strain on a friendship relation because you will ask for some strong guarantees and sort of ignore the sentimental component of the relationship.

There is therefore a time when we put more emphasis on practical issues, on the principle that we can only get more by putting the right kind of effort in. What really matters now are palpable and safe things.

Whilst this attitude is a healthy one, it might also prevent you from dreaming about things and from accepting beauty in your life. Also, be careful not to allow jealousy to manifest in your life.

From the 10th onwards, there may be opportunities to go abroad, or interact with important foreign people. You might even get some precious life tips from a person you know.

Around the middle of the month, the tension between you and your partner may reappear on the back of your lack of confidence, but if you open yourself in front of them, you will overcome the impasse well.

From the 16th onward, your social life is growing and you are recommended to let yourself go with the flow in your entourage.

After the 23rd, opportunities appear at work. If you neglect your partner or family for their sake, look forward to tensions towards the end of the month, especially as the Venus Saturn trine will only help when people have the same common interests.

Virgo love horoscope for May

Beyond aspirations and dreams, illusions or fantasies, torrid passions, or the need for intimacy, there should be a solid, realistic attitude towards building relationships this month.

If you allow your emotions to run freely, you might have a great time but won’t reach the conclusions you might otherwise hope for.

If you are truly sincere and responsible about your desires, this month you can build the foundation of a true love and bring your love interest closer to reality.

It is a very good time to talk to your partner about future plans, the aspirations of each of you, and come up with clear solutions to reach them.

But try not to expect immediate results because, especially the first half of the month is more prone to misunderstandings, mistrust, suspicion, jealousy, or common domestic issues.

Then, as the month progresses, the discussions become constructive and the solutions are outlined.

The astral energy occurring after the 18th supports romantic games and rediscovery of passion in older couples.

If you are single, the second half of the month will benefit you, provided you leave, even temporarily, your dramatizing and criticism aside.

Look beyond your usual universe. Love is just a stone's throw, beyond the walls that you hide behind affectionately. Mars inspires you to be more daring, to overcome your usual limits, and to experience sexuality and privacy differently than usual.

Be patient with your family in case they are not happy with your romantic choices and might refuse to acknowledge your love. Don’t try to force things.

Career progress this month

Do not bother to look after details and details this May, dear Virgo. This month will encourage attention and thoroughness but more on the big picture aspect and professional projects will benefit from this attitude.

You need to learn from your mistakes or else you will face the same obstacles that you did not manage to remove from your path earlier on. In this regard, the month will seem rather repetitive and unchallenging.

But you can bring a breath of fresh air to it too. You must always use other working methods, adapt to the new, modernize everything you have to do at work.

At the same time, you work with passion, and some natives may also find themselves interested in pursuing a career or making a living out of a hobby of theirs.

From the 18th onwards, you will take the initiative, dealing directly with the administration of goods, money, but also payments or arrears.

Your courage will be almost contagious and you will be able to persuade your loved ones to participate in your plans and efforts.

You will probably also spend on opportunities because of the desire to change the home or to move elsewhere, including away from the country.

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