Virgo May 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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It appears that this month the stars are going to challenge you when it comes to you opening yourself and seeing life in a new light. You will sometimes feel good doing so, whereas other times, you will be discouraged.

You will be brought a sort of stability that’s saving you from making any bad decision. However, expect to receive some help because you will. You will have doors opening for you, doors to new opportunities meant to make your life not only a little easier but also better.

May 2023 Highlights

Starting with the 9th of May and until the 19th, you will be changing all the time. While this might be bothersome, it would be good for you to keep on smiling. It doesn’t matter how stuck you might be feeling, don’t give up on being seducing. It’s never your fault for being a bit deranged, it’s just that Venus will rest for a while in the sign of Gemini.

If you are a Virgo woman, keep in mind that you don’t need to please your man only, even if Venus from the 18th and until the 27th will have you in this mood. There’s nothing wrong with being frivolous. Even if you happen to be a Virgo, then tend to make decisions by bias.

Venus positioned here will also have you being too clever for honesty. By the 13th, you need to play life to the spirits of the clan and the group. Your motivation will increase this way. People who will love you the most during this time will be your family.

Whereas the people you will love the most will be your children. When it comes to your hobby, this will be to improve life and make it more beautiful. In other words, Virgos will be more interested in developing their family side.

They should take advantage of this time to strengthen the connections they have with their loved ones, spending more and more time in their presence. Mars in the sign of Cancer will also improve the way you are living your life, encouraging you to spend more time at home.

But be careful, since the planet Mercury in Gemini might have you investing too much of your efforts. Whenever you will think the solution has arrived, you will remember about something you have long forgotten. Details shouldn’t be skipped. Concentrate more. Starting with the 20th and further, you mustn’t look for appearances anymore. Don’t be superficial because this won’t do you any good.

Virgo Love Horoscope for May

This month Saturn will influence you to remain focused on love. This will lead you to seeing things in a pessimistic, austere, and rather critical way. Luckily, there will be energies from friendly planets deviating you, so you will have other people pf power around, people who will be able to make you make the decisions you wouldn’t have made.

While the atmosphere will be heavy, you need to remain calm and not believe that everything is going into ruins. Don’t forget you have what it takes to make your life easier. Be free to wear your smile, and your partner will follow.

The stars will be offering you a meeting that will be filled with diplomacy and charm. If you want the magic to be working, then you mustn’t ask so many questions anymore. Do what your heart tells you to do. You will be passionate and dream about escaping your relationship.

This means you will believe your partner is pulling you too close to the ground and in the pits of intensity. Think twice though, as this might not be happening at all, and you might be an unfair person. The week is going to be rather quiet for single Virgos.

There won’t be anything special happening. You will dream of incredible loves and chase inaccessible people, which will lead to disappointment. It would be good to remain realistic and return with your feet on the ground.

Venus will be protecting your life in the couple and the married life. You will feel warmth next to your loved one, cordial when it comes to the relationships you have. From a physical point of view, you’re going to be fit and perform amazingly in the bedroom.

For most Virgos, overall the month is promising as far as physical and emotional balances are going. Singles, you will have love waiting for you, so expect to have unions surrounded by happy moments.

Career and Finances Horoscope

The career and money sector will be safe. However, it won’t hurt to receive some help either. On the contrary, it would be welcome. On the 17th, Jupiter will enter Taurus. If you want to make changes, then now you should. In case someone is making you a proposal that sounds interesting, then go ahead and take it.

Don’t believe you can’t do anything about what has been proposed to you, as this won’t be at all true. From a financial point of view, some small gifts will generate conflict, but this doesn’t mean you need to spend too much. Be generous however you can be.

The month is not one of career advancing opportunities, and if you don’t pay attention, then you might come down a few steps on the social ladder. Some Virgos will have the tendency to break the law and make some profits that are quick.

In case this is going to happen, then they should expect consequences of disastrous proportions. Therefore, you need to stay away from succumbing into illegal temptations. There are also chances you won’t be getting along well with superiors. This should be avoided as well.

Moreover, because you will be feeling insecure, you might change jobs or your business operations. Make changes only after carefully deliberating. The stars in combination and facing you during this time will be beneficial as far as your finances go.

If you speculate, then expect to suffer some losses. This also means you shouldn’t gamble either. There’s also the chance that you will fight with your superiors, which once more, lead to losses.

Avoid this if possible. Advancing your action in the appropriate matter, you should prevent any eventuality of this kind from happening. The month of May will be one in which you shouldn’t launch any new project, nor make investments.

Your Wellbeing This Month

For the month of May, your educational pursuits might be floundering, as the stars’ combination won’t be favorable. Most Virgo natives won’t be motivated or driven to achieve success. This means they won’t make any effort to win at competitions. This means they will need some extra coaching if they have exams going on.

Medical and technical students will have to work harder than usual to maintain their grades up. Those in crafts won’t be affected, no matter the circumstances. Results from exams won’t be as expected.

In May Virgo, you might lose some money if you travel, as the stars won’t be helping you in this direction. You might even get injured or have some physical problems while traveling. Minimize the risks by being more careful.

You will very likely travel on your own, either by rail and road, or by air too. Don’t rule out going abroad. However, you won’t obtain anything productive from your sojourns. As only some of your travels will be for business, they won’t bring the profits you are aiming for.


There are no health blessings in May, as the stars don’t want to send them your way. Therefore, you need to be more careful and cautious. Those predisposed to piles need to pay attention to what they are eating and the treatment they are taking.

Not being careful won’t help. Those with a sensitivity to colds might have their problems aggravating.

This means they need to pay more attention so that things are right for them. Some afflictions such as a fistula liability or stone might need their increased attention.

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