Virgo November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 6412 views

You will prefer to take this November gradually and it seems that you will keep your focus on one activity and one area of our life at a time. You are sort of trying to get organized to combat any trace of insecurity you may be experiencing.

Also, a hidden generous nature of yours is going to come to light these days and you may be surprised by how much you are willing to get involved in helping others. This is a great month to produce real change in the lives of those dear or of those in need.

The current disposition is not giving you any obvious entertainment occasions like other signs are getting but this is not to say that you are going to be lacking this. You put your own creativity to play and are actually going to be the social liaison between your friends this month.

Work matters

It seems that until the 10th of November you are not really going to enjoy peace and quiet at home and at work. There may be some minor struggles with your intuition because you are seeing some things but then your emotions are dictating something else.

At work you will display a comfortable self and you will gain the respect of those who you are working with after an episode in which you will take a very difficult decision on the spot.

Beware of communication issues during this period however because there is a risk for you to sound way too direct and those around won’t know how to deal with this. Some natives may also find that a colleague is trying to challenge their recent choices.

However, you are moving away from this a winner because there are very small chances for you to actually be involved in a major conflict.

Money and travel

Around the 14th, you will be very preoccupied with your financial situation and there will be a couple of days in which this will be the only thing you will think about.

You are checking all sort of scenarios, everything to help you get closer to your goals. You may also find that the more you concentrate your energy in this direction, the more opportunities are arising.

This is not to say that all are appropriate for you. The fact that you see them is a good sign but you also need to practice caution and realism when choosing what you want to pursue.

It is also possible that during this time, a travel opportunity to switch your focus. This may come via your partner’s work and everyone will be excited.

Selfish vs. generous

Before that generous nature, we earlier discussed about, will surface, you are about to show just how indulgent you are with your own habits. There will be some days in which you will deliberately refuse to do anything extra for anyone, just so you don’t have to change anything in your schedule.

This is another proof of how inflexible and difficult you can be at times. You are in luck on this occasion because no one will be very insistent regarding this matter so things will be rather smooth. Your partner may tell you off but it seems that you are not really taking their words seriously.

A personal conclusion may change the way you behave, thus moving you in the generous spectrum. But even here, you are going to be very picky in terms of who you want to help and what sort of help you are offering.

Reconsidering your attitude

A rather dramatic event happening in the life of a friend towards the end of November will surely make your reconsider how you view your relationship. You are going to feel very lucky for who you have at home and for a couple of days after, you will be on your best behavior.

It is important to achieve some degree of consistency, especially if what you are doing involves supporting your partner with emotional and practical issues.

You may also receive a heart-warming declaration of love that will leave you baffled, especially as it is likely to come as a surprise.

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