Virgo November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 5143 views

Let’s not start with understatements and actually say things as they are: This November will be a true ride for you and will expand your mind and heart in all the possible ways.

The stars will challenge and perhaps shock you a bit but, judging by the expected results, be sure that it will all be worth it in the end. You also seem to start off the week in a rather busy but optimistic attitude and hopefully, you will manage to keep your spirit as exuberant, as the days progress.

Whatever you will need to go through will be there for you to lighten up and to show your true colors. There may even be moments when you will not be asked as much as you are thinking you are being asked and also, there is no need to keep an eye on every single detail.

For a lot of natives, this month can help them loosen up and take things easier whilst enjoying the bigger picture and the results of their work.

During the second half of the month you should also turn your attention towards your health because it seems that there are quite a few chances for some good results in this territory as well, perhaps taking on board a healthy habit that you kept avoiding until now.

Attuned to everyone else

Caring and sensitive, this start of November you will be most interested in morality surfacing and in surrounding yourself by people with the same principles.

With the Sun trine Neptune aspect occurring on the 6th, honesty will be more important than anything for you. And it also seems like you will banish any dreamy temptations whilst keeping an eye on what needs to be done.

Your sensitivity to the environment will be increased and you will try to organize everyone, perhaps at times, getting too involved in the lives of those around.

This is smoothly followed by the influence of the Jupiter quincunx Uranus aspect debuting on the 8th, an aspect that inspires optimism and spirituality. Educational matters will be highlighted for you and this is actually your chance to get something done in this direction.

You will remain modest and not really exhibit all your capacity at work around these days, which is not necessarily the best strategy. Be flexible about changes but try not to accept literally anything that is being pushed to you.

Don’t be afraid to speak up, especially around the middle of the month as it seems that the fighting power of Mars Uranus sextile will be next to you too.

This is your time to create real change around and to incentivize people to speak their mind. Don’t get stuck if you don’t see the results you are expecting because this astrological event doesn’t always bring completion of actions.

Be sure that what you start now will continue and that you will be remembered for making a difference in this direction. This is also a great aspect for shaking your romantic life so don’t hesitate to prepare a surprise or something for your loved one.

Don’t fall prey to doubts

The Sun Uranus quincunx aspect debuting on the 21st is one that creates inner tension and that is set out to bring doubt into your life.

Whether you become suspicious of your partner, of the intentions of a dear friend or doubt that you can accomplish a certain thing, be sure that this is only the way the stars are pushing you to be.

No matter how you are trying to connect the dots in this direction, there is no need to be like this but on the contrary, this period might bring some small successes at work, that should only strengthen your confidence.

With regards to your possible doubts about your friendships, you could potentially up your social game and spend more time with your friends, getting to understand what point in their life they are now and what motivates them.

Be careful about spending too much money during this period though because you may be inclined to indulge in some things you don’t necessarily need.

You can’t say that the month doesn’t end in style with the Venus Uranus opposition. This may be deemed by some a dramatic aspect but the changes it can bring to your love life could be more than beneficial and could actually be changes you have longed for but didn’t have the courage to go for.

This is both a time for freedom and commitment, depending on what feels closer to your soul and the relationships that are created now appear to have better chances to work out on the long term.

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