Virgo November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Virgo, this November, you have the opportunity to have open discussions with those you share your home with and can reach new understandings.

However, it would be advisable to do this before the middle of the month, since after that, any communication may be subject to misunderstandings or disappointments.

Much of the time and energy continues to revolve around foreign problems, either with traveling or with people, or perhaps related to business. It may seem like things just don’t work out, but your patience will be rewarded.

It’s your time this month because you will come across a lot of opportunities in social networking, also a chance to put on the foundations of a connection that is solid, almost unbreakable, in love.

November highlights

You have the chance to show again what you are capable of so why not grab at this with both hands. The very wise thinking you have proven you possess will guide you throughout the month, to resolving even the most complicated of tasks.

It will also seem very important for you to offer all your support to those in your family and will waste no moment in making things easier for your loved ones.

Be careful during the second week not to overexert yourself, both physically and mentally and be certain that you will have a great time if you dare to take some days off around this time.

Around the 18th you may need to abide by a decision that has been taken in the family and which you do not find to be the right one. You will not be able to swing things in your favour and this will obviously frustrate you quite a bit.

From the 23rd onwards, you are more assertive in communication, but the chances of raising the tone more often than you would like indicate that you are very impatient and at your wits end.

During the last week you will gain better control of your mood and will start to gradually relax and pay less attention to certain things. This will be a good time to do something for yourself, to pamper yourself and relax more.

Virgo love horoscope for November 2019

It is your duty to put family life in the first place and to organize your other priorities so that the partner and the children are benefited.

The news is good for those alone or at the beginning of the relationship: things can evolve unexpectedly quickly, even if friends or parents seem to put an end to the relationship.

You are not putting a price on love lately; some events have probably marked you and changed you.

By the middle of the month you are in a vulnerable mood, you blame yourself for various decisions from the past, but this guilt helps you, in the end, to be more malleable in your relationship with your loved ones.

You focus more on what your partner has to offer and you are no longer willing to receive half the measure.

If you are alone, this month you will seek to meet only financially powerful people, because you rely on this stability more than the emotional one.

Career and finances progress this month

For the next couple of weeks, you will work extremely hard and you want to grow in the eyes of your superiors but not only to get a bonus or something, but more for the confidence boost.

Try to keep a limit and do not exaggerate with this attitude, otherwise you could create envy and anger among your colleagues. Your work is a second home for you, so relationships with them must be good!

You were very set on the idea that you wanted to learn something new that later on, will help you professionally, but now you may experience a first obstacle that questions the pragmatism of those steps.

You may no longer have the financial resources to continue what you are doing or even doubt that what you have started will ever take you somewhere, but do not give up your ideas.

You may need a retrospective analysis to reveal some aspects that you did not see when you decided to start on the path you are now on. This could come from the interactions around the 20th, with someone wise from your life.

Health and wellbeing

You take your time and become rather circumspect about your health this month, analysing and re-analysing every little detail.

Those natives who are surrounded by patient people who know how to tackle their hypochondria are going to benefit from this help, to alleviate their stress.

The rest, however, might end up dwelling in their thoughts for a long time, which is not going to lead them to very happy circumstances. In serious situations, yes, it’s time to call the doctor, but otherwise, perhaps a little relaxation and taking things lightly, won’t hurt.

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