Virgo October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2546 views

A month of great achievements unless you heighten the rules is what the Virgo October 2015 monthly horoscope promises for you. The astrological transits show that you have a lot of chances to reach agreements on money, to dig up for your talents and inner resources and to promote them to the world, but in modesty and moderation as you actually are.

Does it sound too good? You usually tend to worry too much and to expect obstacles where they will not appear. But this time, there really are reasons for you to pay attention to obstacles in order to make the best out of a chanceful month. 

Understanding the values

So, until October 9, Mercury retrograde in Libra offers you the opportunity to resize your contribution in a partnership that will bring you money. Pay attention to your collaborators’ perspectives in order understand the value of your partnership (and eventually of some compromises that might be needed), but don’t make a final decision, especially not one for the future.

After October 10, once Mercury goes direct again in the area responsible for your money, you can make decisions. But challenges will appear. The most difficult time will be after October 20 when the planet forms a square to Pluto and then an opposition to Uranus, demanding you to match your ambitions with possibilities being at the moment, but also with the unexpected developments linked to shared money or patrimony. 

Solid work regardless of circumstances

Anyway, October seems a month for agreements with long term consequences regarding your money, so be wise and choose only the partnerships that provide long term perspectives.

Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting your sign gives you desire, energy and discipline to make the best out of your qualities. The end of the month seems the most prolific due to the trine formed with Pluto in Capricorn that helps you create solid work with scarce resources (like small budget, for instance), sustained effort and modesty.

What you need to watch is this tendency of trying to be too “perfect” as others can’t keep the same rhythm as you and they will give up on that. Moreover, watch your sharp tongue, especially around October 27. 

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