Virgo October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 4167 views

A great month for well thought decisions but this doesn’t mean you are allowed to rush into choices you have been longing for in a while. It is also a great time for those who put a lot of effort into something and are yet to receive their rewards.

Love might prove to be a treacherous department, but even that, to an extent that most natives can handle. And plus, if it is not an exciting game, then you wouldn’t keep asking for more.

Attempts at bettering yourself and improving how you interact with others are all benefited this October but you need to be careful with whom you are putting these exercises in practice because you might come off as a bit superficial to some people.

What you do

Some retrograde planets are not letting you have everything the way you want it but this only puts another challenge for you. And you seem to love everything that tests you.

The single natives are going to be most influenced by this, perhaps because they don’t benefit from the moral support others do. And speaking of moral support, this might be a resource you are taking for granted. So try to do something back for your partner and empathize more with them.

On the other hand, you are attentive enough and don’t really come across any sensible situations, although around the 6th, your patience might be challenged.

This might be coupled with you waiting for some results so the ensuing tension is only normal. Just don’t try to impose a rhythm you are accustomed to, to someone else who might not be.

Busy times

The middle of the month will seem like fast forward through a lot of activities, especially at work so no matter how busy you are and how overwhelmed you might feel at times, at the end, this won’t put a toll on your resistance to stress or health.

This might also be due to the fact that you are occupying yourself with a lot of things you truly enjoy so time will fly.

Some chores from home, especially around the 17th, might give you a hard time, but surely you will convince someone to help. And since you are benefiting from a lot of imagination during that period, this shouldn’t be very difficult.

By the way, around this date you should also turn your attention to the elderly in your family because precious advice or information might come via them. This might seem a bit superficial, but it is important to recognize their merits, not only when they can help you with something.

After these moments, you might also notice a different air around the house, and perhaps more harmony.

Comfort zone

Around the 21st, you are following on constants and prefer to choose things you have already tried. On one hand, this is a good strategy and involves as little risk as possible, but on the other hand, you avoid any excitement and adventure.

This is a good time for dreaming big and trying the water in regard to some personal plans. And if you want to stick to your comfort zone, this will be missed.

Work will offer you the chance to move in a higher circle and it is important to hold your ground. It might even be a matter of fake it till you make it. You have the knowledge but perhaps you lack some of the experience.

Don’t forget to tackle anything that you have postponed because it seems that the stars don’t really have any mercy on those who’ve been slacking off.

Being yourself

The end of October seems to bring happy occasions of family time and there won’t be any explanations or too much talking involved, so you don’t need to dread those moments.

You still need to filter some of your opinions, just not to cause a stir, but at least, you can be yourself, the majority of time.

Mercury also seems to help out with this sense of self so you will most likely end up the month feeling good in your own skin and confident about the things you have going on at the moment.

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