Virgo October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 4401 views

This is going to be a very empathic October and it seems that you will feel most comfortable when helping others and advising. You may not be the right person to do this in all situations but surely you will do your best to make a positive mark.

There will be some days in which you will need the same positive push but it seems that help for you is sort of limited so you will need to find your own, customized, pick me ups.

Other than this, quite an easy month, you will complain very little and will show a lot of resilience, especially in some tougher moments.

How do you plan on using your charm?

It seems that your love life will look like a battlefield this month and these are no big words. You know what you want to obtain and the likelihood is that it won’t be easily accepted by your partner.

On the same note, you may come across as quite stiff and your partner may even end up complaining to your friends about your behavior.

Of course that you won’t be happy at all about this and you will prepare your own revenge plan. But this will be a sweet revenge as you are not really the one to hold grudges, not in this context at least.

Around the 18th, you may get to spend more time with your loved one and should take advantage of this. Single natives have chances to go on some sort of adventure and will come out of that quite emotionally enriched.

Same patterns at work

It seems that you stay true to the same behaviors at work this month and this also means that you are going to get bored a lot easier. You prefer to stick to known solutions, even if they take longer.

You may also find that you are more reluctant to working with others and that you will only seek the company of a select few people. Investment pursuits are favored but you will also need to take some risks, risks that are only feasible if you talk to people who are knowledgeable.

You can see how things are interconnected and how the stars are trying to push you to get out of your comfort zone. You may also be seeking some sort of spiritual relief but perhaps this is to be found after work, in a bar or something similar, no matter how superficial this might sound.

After the 20th, you might be invited to attend a fancy meeting of some sort and may end up getting a lot of useful information from that.

Health under the microscope

It seems that you will be tested this month in terms of your resilience and in terms of how much you care about what you eat and the exercise you do. You may find that you will be asked to take more responsibility in regards to these things.

At first you may feel offended, especially if advice comes from those close who are not in any way as strict as they would like you to be.

There will be some sort of power fight going on in the background but in the end you are likely to make the first step towards compromise upon understanding that this is best for your health and wellbeing.

Stormy social life

There will be an aggressive side of yours showing up during the first week of October and this might be caused by you letting your impulses run freely and also by the fact that you sort of feel not listened to and, on the rare occasions when you are listened to, misunderstood.

In the case of some natives, this might only be in their heads but this is not to say that they shouldn’t do something about it.

After the 15th, you might feel this urge to organize things in your life and might start with cleaning your house and removing things you are not really using anymore. It seems that this will help clear your mind as well. It might tire you terribly but in the end, there are high chances that you will be very happy with the result.

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