Virgo October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Now, in October you will need all the patience you are capable of, as there may be a slowdown or delay in your plans.

Much of your time and energy has previously been spent around foreign issues, whether travel or people, or maybe even business.

But with this new month, new opportunities appear to increase your income or improve your home.

This is an interesting time for a new start - will you have the courage to start on this road?

You have to put all your skills to contribution, because it is a month when you need to make money. Also, be sure to leave some of this revenue aside for rainy days.

A month is announced with plenty of financial opportunities and a chance to start a new project.

From the middle of the month, you will start communicating in a way that some might find aggressive. You always want to impose your point of view, which will not be to the liking of those around you.

Towards the end of the month, you have the opportunity to take a break from your routine activities.

October highlights

It appears that luck is on your side at the start of the month and you will be given plenty of opportunities to enjoy some rewards and even learn something new.

Those natives who need to take some exams or similar, should enjoy a good focus but must remember that they need to work heart if it is for them to attain the result they are looking for.

Around the middle of the month you may feel closer to someone with whom you don’t usually spend a great deal of time.

If you live with more people, some misunderstandings are possible, and so, you will prefer to keep your communications tight.

After the 20th, you can safely plan a family trip and enjoy some unexpected perks of the place you are going to.

Be careful to your language towards the end of the month because you may be quite aggressive in the way you talk to others.

During or around the 26th you may get involved again in some unnecessary debates. These days will have a climate conducive to negotiations, meetings for sale or promotion of ideas but you need to be quite diplomatic in your attitude.

Virgo love horoscope for October 2019

When it comes to important romantic life questions, Virgo will be accompanied by indecision in October.

According to the horoscope, it would be best to postpone the dilemmas for later. Think about them but stay away from decisions.

Some natives do very well in terms of relationships, others will hide their own emotions. But most people will have a good time when in the company of their loved ones.

Good mood will accompany everyone around but during the second half of the month, there is also a lot of instability in the air, with both marriages and divorces taking place now.

If you have been in a social group, now you could separate from it in a very dramatic way, perhaps to prove your loyalty to a special lover.

In many cases, we see an almost total break with tradition and the past. You go on your way or completely out of your own way.

You seem to completely ignore everything you've ever learned about love and relationships, whether or not this teaching came from parents, teachers or society.

You will find out the answers about love and relationships alone. You will learn about love through trials and errors and while you will make some mistakes because they are inevitable, you will also have many successes, many climbs and many discoveries regarding love.

Career and finances progress this month

At the professional level you make a very good impression and you are convincing, which brings you more image and contributes to an increase in your income.

This month’s transits are particularly favorable for the Virgos who want to get a promotion, become project leaders or find a more lucrative job.

In order to meet these energies that are beneficial to you, opt for courses to improve your managerial qualities or skills in general.

The financial situation of Virgos is progressing significantly in the second half of October 2019, but there may be unplanned expenses related to children (if you have any) or the temptation to spend more than usual.

For some Virgos, the sources of income may change, so a change in financial habits may be necessary, in order to be on the plus side and not always at the limit.

Make it a priority to pay off your debts, if you have any outstanding, otherwise they get to press you and stress you needlessly!

Health and wellbeing

You are very concerned about personal peace. Do not accept around people with negative energies and do not hesitate to leave them all empty unless you feel comfortable in their midst.

It is very important to make sure that the messages you send are understood correctly, since the area of communication is very unstable since the beginning of the month.

Don’t even think about postponing that check up again and try to be more grateful for your body, thinking positively will help you alleviate some of that stress you might be experiencing.

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