Virgo October 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In October, Virgo natives will find out that friends and projects can propel them towards fulfilling their goals. The desire to achieve the best results and to attain prominence will trigger these Mercury children to create new schemes in their professional life.

To get this, protective and active people will be there to support them. Virgo will find Venus staying in its sign from the 8th onwards, Venus will give them access to otherwise inaccessible places.

A lot of creativity will come from astral energies in October, so use the opportunity. Resolve commitments at work and in the meantime take care of your family needs. Request assistance and make sure your partnerships are working flawlessly.

October 2020 Highlights

These children of Mercury will manage their financial and emotional assets cautiously as they are content with the prospects that the stars offer in October. Virgos might be the most careful in the Zodiac, for they rarely risk.

They always choose safety and think twice before taking great risks. You, as a Virgo, will find love in Cancer and Scorpio's hands. Aquarius and Leo will throw some disturbing dilemmas your way. Professionally, you will get the support of Libra, Scorpio, and Leo. Taurus and Aries will come in with unconditional friendship and give you a pleasant company.

Mars’ movement in Virgo is going to be of great benefit for Virgos, as they will find immediate inner confirmation the entire month.

Simultaneously, Mercury and Venus staying in the 3rd House might permit them to be more expressive rather than being the usual introverted self that blocks them from the world. They will get the guidance and support they need in relationships.

Virgo Love Horoscope for October

Some planets located in Aries in the 8th House will set a moment of profound introspection in motion and in which you are going to take part. Some energy will come to you as you reach for the world within.

Some disturbances and sensations stirred by Pluto located in Capricorn will trigger sensuality and exchanges of passion. Be cautious when confused because Neptune and Venus in Pisces are going to be slightly insidious, yet quite seductive. An intense adventure!

Natives of Virgo will put their shyness aside while they subtly seduce with precision. Virgos in romantic relationships will form and officialise their bonds. Cordial meetups will remain possible.

An understanding between Virgo and Capricorn will come in the first few days of October, and this will facilitate the clarification of unanswered questions. Virgo and Aquarius’ romance commences with the usual initial momentum.

Pisces will help Virgos escape routine. While October may start with some restrictions in love for the Virgo natives, with the coming of Venus on the 8th, Cupid will change Virginians’ lives, giving them a reward of unmatchable chances to prime idylls, or make existent romantic relationships better.

Additionally, make sure your connections have the right balance of passion and tenderness. Love fully this month.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Staying within the sectors with the most resources, Mercury in Libra is predisposed to communication and good relationships. Excellent ideas and support will come to you, and you can use the advantage that comes with professional complicity if you make plans with your colleagues.

Since Mars and Jupiter will be in Virgo, do not be bothered by getting frenzied when it comes to superfluous investments and spending. You are fully aware that regret comes after.

Maintain discipline and a good conduct. In October and the other months, Geminis are not going to fancy Virgos’ work methods. They will assess the steps taken carefully, Geminis springing into action with a plan to make everything right.

Leos are passionate about all they’re involved in, even at the times Virgos doubt them. Alongside Libra, work is going to be nice. There will be no discord between Libras and Virgos, on the contrary, there will be many praises.

Scorpios, just like these Mercury’s children, will stay away from traps that will put their legacy at risk.

The support from people who trust Virgos will aid these natives in their ability to feel many gratifications that will push them to forge ahead as far as the professional paths they’ve created.

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