Virgo October 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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You’re going to be wise in October, Virgo. The fall’s middle month will calm your passion, even if Venus is above your head and brings about all sorts of chances. You aren’t scared of anything, so your usually cold attitude becomes one of a leader.

You seem to play with possibilities without hesitation, but this doesn’t mean you forget all about what being reasonable means. Ever since the month’s beginning, you can start to relax and forget all about stress, even if life has you making some substantial efforts.

You give a lot of importance to family and especially your children. All in all, things at home are calm and enjoyable. In case you are focusing on some big projects, know that the planets are favoring you.

Some confusion is normal from time to time, not to mention it can be eliminated with the help of your loved ones. Don’t be doubtful when feeling unsafe.

October 2021 Highlights

October will be the month in which Virgos are feeling slightly unmotivated to fulfil their life purpose and be whomever they want to be. This is because they will play more by others’ rules, which will have them appearing grumpy and not at all ready to face what the world has to send their way.

The stars will want them to introspect and discover why they’re feeling unmotivated or angry within. If they do so, Virgos will get the chance to bring their life back to normal and to believe in themselves once more.

The stars will favor their business sector this month, so they may encounter the best opportunities for them to make some more money, especially during the month’s last week, when they will encounter some people who can be of great help when it comes to the plans they’re having. What Virgos should do is allow their intuition to guide them as far as investing and spending go.

Virgo Love Horoscope for October

Virgos will have an ambivalent October in 2021, but only as far as romance is involved. Those of them who are single will be given many chances for a relationship, all because Jupiter, Eros and Ceres will be in the 5th House of Leo.

The same planetary configuration also favors relationships with people who work under them and their children, as well as creative projects related to art. Virgos who happen to be with someone will experience some complex times because the asteroid Psyche will be in the 7th House of Leo, emphasizing their need to have harmony in their relationship.

With Neptune in retrograde and Lilith in the 8th House of Leo, they will not really understand how their relationship is going, not to mention they will want to be independent no matter what.

Mars entering the 3rd House of Leo on October 4th and the Sun here until October 22nd are indicating they will want to negotiate their freedom and to have a balanced life in the meantime.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Virgos can invest all their time into ways of making more money until October 10th. Therefore, they could ask for a raise or increased prices for the services they’re offering.

However, until after October 13th, they mustn’t make any commitment or sign contracts, because this time period is risky for them. Delays may appear as a result of Mercury being in a weak aspect.

Some Virgos may need to travel for work or business, something that will very much annoy them, even if their trip is going to be very comfortable and they will meet many new people.

You will have an excellent financial situation, as money will come your way from different sources. This is why you’re going to feel great and do whatever you want to do. Besides, your superiors or parents may unexpectedly give you some extra money. Your intuition tells you how to invest.

Your Wellbeing This Month

In October, the majority of Virgo natives should go to the doctor for a check-up. Some of them will have their tendency to self-medicate increased.

Whenever feeling slightly uncomfortable, they will become panicked and look online for the best remedy they could use. However, they should avoid taking medicines that haven’t been prescribed by their doctor, even if they’re suggested by the Horoscope to try alternative medicine treatments.

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