Virgo September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 4966 views

Some things are slowing down this September while others are still on the high horse. You are prompted to organize your life around those close to you and this is something you might not find most attractive but does offer you some peace of mind.

You are benefiting from a lot of intuition, which you are putting at play as often as you can. At work, you are not necessarily in the center of attention but you are amongst those who are making things move round from behind the scenes.

A lot of mind comfort coming from what you do and less worry compared the summer months. Some days will be so quiet that you can hear your thoughts in the head while others will spin you until you are completely dizzy and directionless.

Keeping things moving

You are very pragmatic the first few days of the month and don’t seem to allow any time to be wasted. This might not attract you the title of the most cooperative person in the room but will see things moving.

You will be craving for attention and empathy later on and since this is not on the agenda now, you prefer to focus on results.

And speaking about results, this is something you are also after at home so there may be some changes, either in the way you keep your furniture or in regard to some other domestic habits.

You need movement around you and to always have your schedule occupied in order to feel you are alive. At times, this might not match up with the plans of your partner or those close and some sparks might rise.

Agitated love life

You are also after the material aspects of your life, interested to find ways to put more money aside and preferring to bypass today’s desires for the wellbeing of tomorrow. So there is no sign of succumbing to temptation for you there.

This doesn’t mean however that things are going to be as stable as you are trying to prognosis them and the most excitement is set to come, from where else, but from your love life.

Venus is of course, contributing, making you at times receptive to these opportunities.

But what happens is that, there may be days when you are completely irascible and dissatisfied with everything so heated discussions with your partner will be the norm. Luckily you have the best means to make up to them.

Dwelling between extremes

Around the middle of the month we are looking at some interior battles in regard to your position at work and whether you are doing enough. This is totally characteristic for your sign and something that appears from time to time.

But on this occasions, the succession of thoughts and reactions might be a bit different because you will be able to recognize the recurrence.

It seems that you will dwell between these worries and some new thoughts that say you are actually doing as much as you can and that you shouldn’t be that critical to yourself.

A good moment for some lessons about peace and quiet, some that you will have to teach yourself as certain things you desire will take some time.

Contrary to the above, Mercury is actually rooting for you and thus you might find it easier to express yourself, perhaps not necessarily in regards to what you are feeling but surely in regard to practical matters.

A people’s person

Charismatic and with all words about yourself is going to be how you end the month. This translates into a last week of entertainment and occasions to do exciting things. Some that simply appear to you and others that you trigger yourself.

Your image in the eyes of others plays an important role at this moment but won’t prevent you too much from enjoying yourself and showing your true face.

You are trying censorship at first for what you think means pleasing the crowds but then you will ease in. You might also be surprised to notice that some aspects, in which you don’t necessarily invest time and effort will turn out just fine.

This also promotes friendship and getting in touch with people you haven’t been talking to or spending time with in a long while.

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