Virgo September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 4724 views

This September will be a month of contrasts of what you are actually living versus what others tend to make of your life. You will prefer to keep a lot of emotions to yourself, especially because you don’t want to answer in front of others for your choices.

You will show courage with some very last minute decisions and these may help you fast forward some aspects of your life but at the same time, the lingering feelings that those around don’t really understand you, may weigh you down.

During the second half of the month, you will be charmed by a new person in your life, for some natives this will have romantic implications whilst for others, this new person will play more of a role model and inspiration.

You will display some sentimentalism and may even have some moments of nostalgia but you will probably do your best to keep these away from other people.

Romantic times

The first week will be quite challenging for those natives who have just embarked on a new relationship and may have to make some decisions.

Don’t skip this getting to know each other part, no matter how enthusiastic you are. This should serve as a warning to those planning to move in with someone they have just met.

If that person is to be your dear half, they are definitely not going anywhere and you shouldn’t rush things. The current disposition will offer some occasions to spend more time with this person, such as going abroad together or meeting each other’s families in casual settings.

A financial influx from a professional project you have underwent will bring wind under your wings so you will feel even more flexible in terms of what you can achieve.

Doubting yourself

The week commencing the 18th, will come with some added doubts that, of course, you won’t welcome. This is why you will probably tend to postpone all the decisions that were due these days for later on.

This may trigger some delays that will impact other people and although you are sure you want to keep your ground and not move ahead with anything, you will find it hard to explain to others why is it that you are behaving like this.

There is no need to feel that you should give any explanations but if there are some actions you promised you would do, maybe it is best to move away from any fears you might have and just go ahead with them.

The current disposition is going to stir things further as on Thursday that week, you might have to deal with a bit of conflict, caused by a person who really doesn’t know how to be patient.

Team spirit … or not

Work will move from very efficient to totally inefficient after the 20th, as your emotions will also swing. You might have to promote someone else’s work and this will obviously clash with your own ego.

Other than this, there are some friendship aspects that are also troubling you, perhaps because you have been in the middle of some gossip scandal. You will try to straighten things up but some efforts of yours will eventually go unnoticed.

Team spirit does intensify as you might find, whether or not you are inside the lucky circle. If you are left outside, your creativity will be pushed to limits and you will probably do your best to show everyone just how wrong they are and just how great things really are for you.

Stay away from any superficial display because although it may be successful, you may still end up feeling ashamed for even having thought of subjecting yourself to this.

Change something

Out with the old, in with the new should be the motto for the last week of September and you might find that if you organize yourself, your mind will feel so much lighter.

Some natives will be bold enough to make some real lifestyle changes whilst others will resort to small but sensible changes.

You might not benefit from the support of your partner, especially if they are at a different stage now in their lives but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go ahead with what feels right for you.

If handled right, these actions and even the fact that you are doing something different, won’t put any pressure on your relationship.

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