Virgo September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-08-27, 5549 views

This September is making its way into your life packed full with all sort of questions and doubts and you might end up having a hard time trying to sort through them.

It’s all a matter of perception, however, and if you manage to keep an open mind and see things for what they truly are, then you are not going to be very affected by these.

This is a good month to evaluate priorities for this Autumn and perhaps start some sort of new endeavour that you’ve been keeping in the pipeline for a while.

Some may say that with the New Moon at the middle of the month, you should jump first into any new plans but it is important to keep your inspiration constant before and after this point.

You might be surprised by someone who reveals an expertise you didn’t know they had but that proves crucial in what you are trying to accomplish. Those natives whom have been on sort of a pause period and don’t feel they had done much recently, sort of get a chance to redeem themselves.

And talking about redemption, you might find that there are some small things, with a great impact, that you can do around the house, to help everyone.


Watch out! But be careful, because being in control is overrated and the moment you show obsession and possessiveness, people are going to marginalize you. Just take things as they are and keep yourself relaxed if there are no real consequences to whatever it is you are doing.

Plenty of activities

It appears that the Mercury trine Uranus aspect debuting on the 6th will be an eye opener with regards to new possibilities in your professional life and you will sort of end up shocked by the amount of options you have completely disregarded to this point.

With a better perspective and a lot more courage, you are going to feel as if you are ready to throw yourself at any adventure that is coming even miles away from you.

This means that you will chase some important people and you will try to be connected with new plans.

You are going to have some moments of despair as well, in which you are likely to become sneaky and to try and manipulate people into helping you.

This is also an aspect that makes people more open to eccentricities so your resistance to changes of all sorts is not really going to make itself felt.


Astrological aspect of the month: With September under Saturn trine Uranus, you are prompted to initiate change in your life and that of those close and to monitor closely the results of what you do.

It is important, regardless of the result, to be able to take responsibility for what has happened.

And speaking of change, it appears that the 12th might get you in a better shape physically, and you might feel the need to start a healthy diet or something.

This might potentially be linked with the JupiterPluto sextile, on that associates power and influence, with being with your feet on the ground and trying to keep your entire life on track.


TOP TIP of the month: The Full Moon on the 24th and then the Sun trine Mars aspect will form the best disposition for last minute attempts at success this September. You might not be completely ready for some of the things that life might throw upon you but you are open enough to give them a try.

Special: Your love life this September

Discussions about the path to happiness and what you wish from your love life, your current relationship or from your love interest, are going to be the main point of focus this September. There will be less acting and more thinking but perhaps this is a great time to set these expectations.

For the single natives, the main advice is to get out there and initiate conversations, without that much concern about where they might take you.

This might also give you a sense of control, one that you couldn’t otherwise obtain, especially because you are not very courageous to ask for things in your relationship. It may also be that you are going to take the occasion to start a healthy habit in the relationship.

With Mercury in your sign, you might find it easier to brush away any shyness and to feel more comfortable in your skin.

This will of course have an impact on your intimate life and with Saturn returning from retrograde, your personal stability will give you wings, in the sense that you will be more interested in showing affection than you have recently been.


Enhance! Towards the end of the month, you might get the chance to spend time with people who are very dear to your loved one and whilst at first this might be a little dauting, you will end up feeling rather comfortable about the whole experience. Plus, you might gain the impression that you know your partner a little bit better after this.

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