Aries in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 51973 views

“Love at first sight” fits Aries perfectly, they are eager and tend to jump in head first without considering the consequences.

This sign is exciting to be in love with, they’re bold and have an unmatched enthusiasm. Because they are the first of the Zodiac they are youthful and everything feels free and new… 

Impulsive and unconventional

But their youthfulness brings bad qualities to relationships as well, such as impulsive behavior, selfishness, and they’re quick to start an argument.

Their interest can wane quickly and it can be hard to keep them around, they value independence and freedom above all else, they have the tendency to leave at the first sign of trouble, and for these reasons they’re known for breaking hearts.

They put their significant other on a pedestal, and while this may feel good at first it can lead to unrealistic expectations from both parties and thus an unhealthy relationship.

An Aries will also defend and protect their partner and other loved ones no matter what, making them a bit of an unconventional knight in shining armor. They like the chase and can’t stand to be on the other side of it, they can be extremely possessive and jealous yet can’t understand when their partner is possessive of them.

Bear in mind, these lovers enjoy the chase - not so much the conquest - so you have to keep the challenge going in bed and beyond. Also, though they want a submissive partner, this definitely does not apply to sex: they desire someone who will challenge them sexually.

Aries expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: someone who is clever and talented yet won’t question their superiority, for their lover to respond during sex as if the Aries is the first or best they’ve ever experienced, never to be criticized, to be loved exclusively

How to keep an Aries: they enjoy verbal sparring, it keeps them on their toes and their interest burning; their flirtation can have a childish edge: think the little boys that used to tease you on the playground, but that’s a good sign, just take it in stride; keep things spontaneous, they absolutely cannot stand planning or a schedule especially for love.

Compatibility: Libra - Although this could be a very difficult relationship, Libra will help Aries grow and become a more cooperative, harmonious person.

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