Cancer in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 61734 views

Cancers absolutely need meaningful connections in their lives, especially romantic ones. Their relationships with other’s are more important to them than anything else: if their partner isn’t happy, they can’t be happy.

They are naturally caring and put others first, before themselves. As the fourth sign, they relate to all matters of the fourth house such as home, family, and emotions.

They are empathetic and loving, and because they are governed by the Moon, known as the most changeable of all the heavenly bodies, their emotions change quickly.

Sensitive but strong

They fall in love easily, as their heart is always open, but they need a truly fulfilling relationship: stability, compassion, reassurance, displays of affection, and physical contact.

Cancer also needs their partner to make the first move even though Cancer will usually be the dominant partner in the relationship. They can easily fall for people who are not right for them and need more support than they can return and they’ll fall into codependent relationships.

At the first sign of rejection or criticism, they will retreat into their shell, unable to take the blow. But, though they are good caretakers, they need so much care in return that it can be overwhelming.

Don’t get it wrong, while this may make them sound overly soft they are truly strong and can be authoritative, especially when angered or if their loved one is threatened. So if you take advantage of them, watch out because you’ll eventually reach the point of no return.

Cancer expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: faithfulness, a long lasting relationship, for family to come first

How to keep a Cancer: be open and loving and you will get so much love in return from this sign; be there for them, listen and communicate; do not ever take advantage of them or accuse them of being too soft, this will hurt them terribly or simply make them angry.

Compatibility: Capricorn is the Paternal to Cancer’s Maternal; and from Capricorn, Cancer can learn how to distinguish their feelings from reality and make judgments based on logic rather than emotion.

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