Gemini Love Characteristics

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Gemini lovers are enthusiastic and versatile just as these natives usually are in all aspects of their lives. They are the zodiac sign known to be able to sweet talk their way out of any sensible love situation. They love to express their feelings and be center of attention every time they get the chance.

Our behavior in love is part of our personality and part of the experiences we have and the things we observe in the world around. Of course that this part is also governed by the stars and their readings can uncover what lover traits you or your close ones have, according to the zodiac sign love description.

In the following lines will try to describe how Gemini lovers are like, to what they are attracted to and what they search and need in love. Then will even try to define some tips on how to conquer the heart of the Gemini native.

Not to mention women and men have different ways in which they love, so why not find out how Miss Gemini loves or how Mr Gemini loves and how they are like when single.

Who are Gemini lovers attracted to?

Gemini lovers are attracted to people with complex personalities, who know how to always keep them guessing but in the same time be there for them whenever they need it.

They are not pretentious because deep inside they know they are not interested in settling. When dating they are not picky but the compulsory things they look for in their partners are great energy and an understanding nature.

What Gemini lovers need?

If you’d ask a native this question they would probably start talking about the many things they want or search in the person they would agree to spend their life with.

And their list is completely unattainable, no matter how much they swore that each item is necessary. This is only their way of avoiding commitment speaking. Deep inside they need peace and to have a reliable partner but this is synonym with monotony and routine so these natives are probably going to find peace of mind really hard.

How to conquer the heart of a Gemini native?

Sometimes, all you have to do is be your energetic and fun going self. Plus take care of them and accept their escapades. Quite some spoiled requests indeed but this usually summons what these natives are going for most of their lives.

When they eventually settle they do it with someone that attracted them because of the above mentioned “abilities”. This is not necessary the best thing for them because they grow love from adventures and somehow end up accepting whatever fate has prepared for them.

How does Miss Gemini love?

Lady Gemini is flirtatious and attractive. These women are genuinely curious about all the details in the lives of their partners. They will want to know everything and they will share everything that is on their mind with their partner as soon as a tie of confidence is created in the relationship.

Unlike the Gemini men, these women are pickier and consider a deal breaker if the man they decided to settle for does not reveal potential for whatever plans they’ve already imagined in their mind.

How does Mr Gemini love?

They like to discover new persons and they seem to center all their life on a person but then suddenly they get bored and slip away.

Gemini men can be quite some heart breakers and they are not known to play fair and reveal to their partners how inconsistent they can be in love right from the beginning of the relationship.

How is the single Gemini?

The single Gemini likes to discover new persons all the time and seems to have taken lessons on how to conquer and then abandon as soon as the slightest feeling of boredom installs.

These single native is happy with his condition and has no intention of committing no matter how lonely he/ she might sometimes feel.

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