Gemini in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 62750 views

The two-faced nature of a Gemini isn’t as extreme as most make it out to be, but they do enjoy change and variety in their romantic lives. But their energy, wants, and desires can be volatile and difficult to pin down.

They themselves may be overwhelmed by their new feelings, especially if they are very strong, and try to hide it by acting cool if not distant; they need time to think things over before acting because they are so sensitive to hurt and they feel the need to rationalize love.

Not to mention, with feelings that run so deep and are so volatile, it can be hard for them to express their true feelings.

Growing love

They can often rely on physical displays to express all of their pent up emotions. Sometimes, they are simply too flexible and open. Their friendly, positive, and honestly interested in getting to know you and everyone else on a deeper level.

While open in this way, they still often, at least in some way, believe in the idea of “soul-mates” or that two people can simply be made for each other. Their interest lies in the intellectual so they don’t only need someone who can respect their intelligence but someone equally sharp to keep up with them.

This is also key during sex: they aren’t interested in sex simply for the sake of it, they seek the feelings of warmth and companionship that it provides them.

They are ruled by Mercury, master of skill and communication, and their interests heavily reflect that. They enjoy learning, growing, reading, and simply communicating - they want to talk to their partners constantly, it’s hard for them to stop. Once connected to a Gemini on a deeper level they’ll never leave.

Gemini expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: to neither be clung to or dominated, to be understood, to be able to communicate just with a glance, flirtation, and faithfulness

How to keep a Gemini: engage them in conversation and show an honest interest in their life and hobbies; stay sharp and be open to teasing and playing games with them; try to keep a good balance of spontaneity and stability in your relationship.

Compatibility: Sagittarius - this sign can teach Gemini to see the bigger picture and provide some structure in their life.

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