Leo in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 57792 views

Leos are dynamic, warm, charming, magnanimous people at their best, doing what they can to make the lives of those they love better.

At their worst they are demanding, brooding, entitled, and bossy. As the Lion they are regal, authoritative, and strong; they want to be in charge of everything, including their love life and partner.

Despite this, they want a partner they can respect, someone who is just as good as them and will match up to their high expectations, someone strong who can support them when reaching for their dreams.

Grand romantic display

They take pride in their romantic partners, Leos want their significant others to look and act their best because they see their partner as an extension of themselves.

Though a Leo seeks someone who wants to support them fully, a healthy Leo will eagerly support their partner when they seek out their own goals and desires - it’s as important to a Leo for their partner to be successful as it is for them to be successful.

They go all out in everything they do, including their relationships, lavishing their partner with grand romantic displays; in fact they are very proud of themselves for their romantic finesse, especially when it comes to sex.

Speaking of sex, if an issue does arise in this area of your relationship, a Leo may be to mortified or ashamed to talk about it or seek out proper help so keep that in mind.

They enjoy being the “knight in shining armor” for their partner, even in small ways, so as their significant other don’t be afraid to let them dote on you. And if you give them all of the attention they crave they’ll return it ten fold.

Leo expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: to be adored, for their partner to be dependent on them, total commitment

How to keep a Leo: attention, attention, attention; lots of respect but never worship, as soon as you bow under them they will lose interest; and if you fight, don’t give in, acknowledge their side and agree to disagree - their respect will only grow; and always remember, respect and love are intertwined with Leos.

Compatibility: Aquarius - a tough pair, but Aquarius can teach Leo to love and give without needing or expecting worship in return, to value themselves without the input of others.

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