Libra in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 59135 views

Libra is ruled by Venus and the seventh sign of the Zodiac, this makes them good partners and lovers. They are attractive and indulgent, enjoying the finer things in life including romance and sex, while also gentle and humble.

They are social, busy people, and as free as the air; it’s important for them to be allowed room in any relationship so let your Libra partner drift from thing to thing, enjoying many different activities and friends.

Intellectual love

As all air signs are, Libra is focused on the intellectual aspect of love. A Libra needs a partner who is as sharp as them, someone who they can hold an interesting conversation with, and can keep them excited throughout everyday life.

They need a little guidance from their partners as they are so movable and free, they sometimes struggle to find a path despite their lofty ambitions and many talents.

They enjoy mingling and making connections, so they can’t have a jealous partner tying them down; if you give them both the respect and freedom that they crave they’ll always come back.

Don’t mistake this space for lack of attention or the desire to be single, because Libra love to shower their partners with affection and they easily become dependent on their partner.

Libra expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: support, care, freedom, for their partner to admire them

How to keep a Libra: give them their space but always be there by their side, helping them along on their newest adventure or to their most recent goal; be open and ready for their spontaneity, go with the flow; but don’t let their free nature become out of control, set up a small schedule and give them incentive to be their - remember it’s not just about them, and any relationship needs some structure.

Compatibility: Aries - This relationship can actually be very difficult but when they grow together they compliment one another nicely; and Aries being the sign of “self” and Libra of “partnership”, Aries can inspire Libra to act alone and truly discover themselves.

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