Pisces in love

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This sign lives for love. They are happiest when in love, they crave the intimacy of a romantic relationship, both physical and emotional displays of affection make them thrive. Despite being the twelfth sign and representing the twelfth house which both are associated with isolation and retreat, Pisces cannot stand to be alone.

This aspect does present itself as shyness and when they become too emotional they often retreat. But otherwise, Pisces crave relationships and connections with others.

Those born with Pisces as a Star, Moon or Rising sign are generous, soulful, romantic people who support their partners and will do anything for them.

The one thing Pisces must be careful of is settling for a person who isn’t right for them just to sate that desire for love; it’s best to wait for your one true love. Also, their feelings can be “fickle and fleeting”.

Cuddly and romantic Pisces

Pisceans have to be careful of who they surround themselves with, for they will over time take on the characteristics of those people.

It is absolutely critical for a Pisces to be with a partner who cares deeply for them and respects their delicate emotions rather than writing them off, if not a Pisces can become emotionally, mentally, and spiritually unhealthy. They can love even the cruelest of people and not let go, even after being hurt time and time again.

Pisces are over-accommodating, they give too much and take too little, and will settle with a partner that will only hinder them; think a Cancer times ten. They need a partner that will listen to them and sincerely care and shower them with attention, someone who will treat them the way they treat others, without letting them fall into a pit of self-pity.

Cuddling is definitely a favorite display of affection for a dreamy, romantic Pisces. They are eager to please and willing to adapt to be with someone. When a Pisces has sex it is truly making love, they are more interested in conveying their feelings of love than any carnal pleasures and the before and after are as important to them as the sex. And Pisces are meant for marriage, that solid display of love gives them the confidence to grow as a person.

Pisces expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: support, to be valued, reassurance, marriage and often children

How to keep a Pisces: show an tell your Pisces lover how much they mean to you, how special they are, how kind they are; don’t be afraid of physical and emotional intensity; open up, no Pisces will judge you and it will make you both feel closer and safe together.

Compatibility: Virgo - While Pisces adapts to their partner’s needs, Virgo works to serve their partner and responds to their needs in a practical manner; Virgo can bring practicality into a Pisces’ world and help all of their caring and sensitivity translate into action while dispelling any negative feelings of self-doubt for the Pisces.

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