Sagittarius Color Characteristics and Love

By Denise on June 01, 2014, 32897 views

The representative color for Sagittarius zodiac sign is purple. Rich purple shades, the colors of royalty, seem to transfer a great sense of self confidence and elegance to the high aiming Sagittarius.

The other hues that are connected to the Sagittarius zodiac sign are pink and blue. The rich and majestic purple empowers the ambitious native.

These colors are said to be beneficial for all natives in this sign and that they should be using these hues in all kinds of objects they surround themselves with, such as clothing items or house decorations.

Let’s see how the zodiac sign color influences the characteristics of these natives and their behavior in love!

People who have purple as their sign color are wise persons, perfectionists and humanitarians. Their whole life is dedicated to the strive to become the best of what they think they should be. They search their lives for ways to improve every aspect of life and also surround themselves with trustworthy, intelligent and successful people from whom they consider to have so many things to learn.

They are easily interested in all kinds of things and are in a constant search for knowledge. They need emotional balance more than anything because their attentive and critical personality coupled with their efforts for perfection can sometimes be overwhelming. They are sensitive and compassionate persons that tend to initiate humanitarian projects to help others and also find their purpose in life.

Purple, which is associated with mystery as well as wisdom, is favored by respectful and hard working persons, confident in their financial future they don't depend on other to carry out their tasks. At times they can be very arrogant, but with good reason, as they are artistic, innovative and unique personalities and not all of their many friends see this. The color Purple symbolizes spirituality, royalty, purpose and good judgment. Combines peaceful and cool blue with fiery heated red in a mysterious hue. Most children prefer purple to other colors. It is a good color to surround yourself with when you need to meditate and have some peace of mind.

Those who prefer purple are sensitive and romantic lovers. They are free spirited and adventurous but they usually come to an understanding that they need the support of a real love connection so they will eventually settle for someone in life.They are idealistic, enthusiastic and hard to manage at times because of their eccentricities. They also tend to have high demands and expectations from their partners.

They are passionate lovers as times but they can also turn in the cold shoulder any time they feel something is wrong. Although they are somewhat connected to the spiritual side of life, they rarely truly open their hearts so to speak about their feelings.

They love the unconventional and tend to bring their fantasies in real life. Purple is the color of royalty as it is one of the rarest colors to be found in nature, so these people are also pretentious and interested in the pleasures of life.

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