Taurus in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 57678 views

In Vedic astrology there’s a myth, in it the Moon is married to each of the constellations of the Zodiac and each night he spends with a different wife. But the Moon struggles to leave Taurus, for she is the most romantically gifted of all of the signs.

To put it simply, Taurus is gifted in love, this sign is ruled by Venus so it only makes sense. They appreciate good looks and flirtation in their partner. And, because of their nature as an Earth Sign, they love when their partner provides rich food, glamour, and money.

Devoted and connected

As an Earth Sign they are dependable and solid, they quickly make themselves at home in a relationship and become completely steadfast in their love and devotion, and they need that from a partner in return. But as the Bull they are also stubborn and jealous.

They take up all of their partner’s time and can’t stand to see them with anyone else, even if it’s their family. So, as someone of this sign, you need to be careful not to overwhelm your partner.

To Taurus, love is extremely special, physical, and they expect it to last. To Taureans there is no difference between love, sex, and marriage.

They don’t play games in bed, especially when it comes to power and submission, their sole focus is on their pleasure and their partner’s - to work in sync for the same goal.

Something to keep in mind: while Taurus has just about all of the patience in the world, once you make them angry it’s over. They will never forgive a betrayal of any kind.

Taurus expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: a very feminine woman/masculine man, promises to be sacred and never broken, commitment, a wholesome and natural approach to physical love

How to keep a Taurus: lavish them with attention and compliments, wine and dine them, this is the quickest way to their heart; always look your best to impress them; make sure they feel safe and secure: emotionally, physically, and financially.

Compatibility: Scorpio - This pair can be difficult as they are both known for their stubborn nature but Scorpio can teach Taurus to hone their instincts and how to read the emotions of those around them which will help them reach their goals.

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