Virgo in love

By Lavinia Amoun on July 24, 2015, 61653 views

This sign is idealistic, detail-oriented, and in control of the world around them; this applies to their love lives and partners, and it can be hard to deal with. As a Virgo, be careful of being so picky - you’ll never find the perfect human being, it’s just not possible.

But it will work out in the end, waiting is good for a Virgo: they often marry later but it gives them time to grow and develop, realizing that perfection is unattainable.

Virgo is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, Virgos are mentally quick and value intelligence in a partner.

Shy and thoughtful

They need someone who can keep up with them. But their logic can get in the way of their emotions, another struggle for Virgo. They cannot always accept or understand their own feelings, let alone others’.

And if they feel their emotion or desire does not fit with the image that they want to present to the world or the parameters that they themselves want to fit in, they’ll attempt to ignore it entirely, which often means ignoring their own needs.

Virgos are shy, sensitive, worriers, they often want love to come to them. Once together, they can be afraid of breaking up; Virgos, it’s important for you to know that ending any relationship won’t reflect badly on you.

Despite these struggles they are kind, loving, caring, and wise beyond their years. They are endlessly supportive and want the best for their partners.

Virgo expectations and compatibility

Their expectations: for personal matters to be kept private, to be cared for when they are feeling down, a sense of decency

How to keep a Virgo: patience and understanding; someone who can show them that they don’t have to be perfect but at the same time supports them in reaching their goals; you have to be the one to take the first step with a Virgo, to take the lead; and of course a sharp mind.

Compatibility: Pisces - this is a good match because Pisces can teach Virgo to let go a little and embrace human imperfections.

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