Numerology Compatibility for 3

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Number 3 people are considered to be most compatible with number 1 and 6 people and to not get along well with number 7 people. The number three lovers are passionate, curious and pretentious and they search for someone who is just like them.

There are compatibility descriptions for each of the combinations between the nine main numbers used in numerology. These descriptions should be treated as simple guidelines able to give you an insight on how a relationship between two people can go.

In the end it all depends how each one of us behaves and the things we have in common with the partners we choose.

Numerology compatibility 3- 1
This is a good partnership from the beginning. They are both creative, lively and sensible to criticism. Number 3 acknowledges number 1's accomplishments and originality and provides motivations and cheerfulness. They are interested in finding happiness and in enjoying life at its fullest.

Numerology compatibility 3- 2
The relationship between the sensitive number 2 and the optimistic number 3 has good chances to success because of the good chemistry and good humor. Some sense of discipline and order should be imposed to the impulsive 3. Otherwise the 2 will have to carry too much responsibility and will probably start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Numerology compatibility 3- 3
This pairing is wild and interesting and things usually go out of control between these two creative and fun personalities. Though life should be enjoyed at its fullest, this relationship should be cautiously supervised as this lack of discipline and lack of focus on practical matters might prove to be damaging for both sides.

Numerology compatibility 3- 4
The fun going number 3 should avoid the practical, trustworthy number 4 as things between these two are very hard to be kept balanced. Number 4 always plans ahead while 3 takes each day as it is. If these two will find a way to meet in the middle they will probably make a good job balancing each other between impulse and security.

Numerology compatibility 3- 5
The unpredictable number 3 pairs very well with the adaptable, daring number 5, proving to have one of the most social relationships. They will both accept any social opportunities that rise, sometimes without thinking and this attitude will probably cause practical problems with everyday affairs to these creative and intuitive personalities. They are so compatible that they will easily manage to overcome any downfall.

Numerology compatibility 3- 6
Harmonious personality by nature, the number 6 manages to understand and support the adventurous number 3. The only challenge is represented by the 6's jealous feelings toward the independent 3. While the last comes with new and exciting ideas, 6 meets them with encouragement therefore this combination proves to be a great basis for a strong and balanced team.

Numerology compatibility 3- 7
These two are about as different as people get. While number 3 is constantly in search for new and exciting opportunities, number 7 is somewhat aloof and values more stability and intimacy. A long term relationship can only work if it begins with an open dialog on each other's demands and goals and compromise is made in both sides.

Numerology compatibility 3- 8
This is a combination that requires a lot of work because of the different personalities. While number 8 needs to enforce authority and to have goals to accomplish, number 3 takes life as it is and is in constant need for attention and stimulation that 8 can't offer since is so busy working. This relationships has its chance to work if both partners take time together and truly understand the ways in which they can complement each other.

Numerology compatibility 3- 9
The adventurous number 3 pairs wonderfully with the classy number 9. These two are always engaged in social and creative ways. Though sometimes governed by egocentric tendencies, both numbers reveal humanitarian and generous personalities that can put their intuition and energy into helping others.

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