Numerology Compatibility for 5

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Number 5 people are considered to be most compatible with number 1 and 3 people and to not get along well with number 4 people. The number 5 lovers are enthusiastic, loving and adventurous and they search for someone who is just like them.

There are compatibility descriptions for each of the combinations between the nine main numbers used in numerology. These descriptions should be treated as simple guidelines able to give you an insight on how a relationship between two people can go.

In the end it all depends how each one of us behaves and the things we have in common with the partners we choose.

Numerology compatibility 5- 1
This is one of the best compatibilities possible as both these numbers like to have a lot of freedom in a relationship. Since each one of them is ambitions and driven to action independently they have a limited amount of time to be with each other, therefore their together time is very special, always exciting and never boring. Though they usually respect each other’s powers, when put together to fulfill common goals nothing can stand in their way.

Numerology compatibility 5- 2
An adventurous and passionate relationship is pending between the sensitive number 2 and the dynamic number 5. However caution should be taken as the indulgent and sometimes reckless 5 can wreak havoc on the vulnerable 2. The chemistry is strong therefore significant compromises will probably be made by both sides, usually these are short lived relationships.

Numerology compatibility 5- 3
The unpredictable number 3 pairs very well with the adaptable, daring number 5, proving to have one of the most social relationships. They will both accept any social opportunities that rise, sometimes without thinking and this attitude will probably cause practical problems with everyday affairs to these creative and intuitive personalities. They are so compatible that they will easily manage to overcome any downfall.

Numerology compatibility 5- 4
This pairing can be challenging as these two have different ways of reacting and communicating. while number 4 wants stability, seeks for reliable persons and is not afraid to speak out his demands, number 5 is more diplomatic and can sometimes be hard to understand. If the couple learns to respect and manage the differences great accomplishments may come.

Numerology compatibility 5- 5
The two number 5s are one of the most compatible pairings because they both value freedom and wish to live differently. This is a wonderful, adventurous, passionate and never boring partnership. The only danger for these well suited personalities is their tendency to self indulge and little interest into every day affairs that can lead to lack of moderation in various risky activities.


Numerology compatibility 5- 6
This is a challenging combination because number 6 wants to exert control and impose nourishment on the libertine number 5 that thrives for space and is not very willing to compromise. A balanced relationship would be good for both of them if they can find a way to manage their differences to their benefit and meet somewhere in the middle.

Numerology compatibility 5- 7
At a first thought, the 7's thinking and introspective personality might not pair well with the freedom lover that is number 5. But practice makes the difference because these two can learn to synchronize their needs for alone time. For the remaining time this couple gets along quite well without many demands because of a wide range of mutual interests that await to be discovered.

Numerology compatibility 5- 8
One of the common grounds between the freedom lover 5 and the business thinker 8 is that they don't like to follow rules. Although their individual qualities rarely overlap, as long as each one gets their time, they can both focus on achieving their goals and success, especially financial one, will not await to come.

Numerology compatibility 5- 9
This is a relationship between two people that need to take time from their busy schedules to discover how alike they are. Both the freedom lover 5 and the humanitarian 9 can easily adapt and their compassion and progressive thinking seem to pair very well. The attraction is powerful but security and reliability rules should be the key to a long term commitment.

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