How to calculate Life Path number?

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The Life Path Number represents the native traits that will show the path you will take in life. This is one of the numbers numerology can extract from your birthday. It can be used to reveal the characteristics of an individual, understand why he/she has a certain behavior and why he/she makes certain choices in life.

This numerology reading can be interpreted in a backward manner to reveal personality traits or in a forward manner to shine a light on what future might hold for someone. The Life Path Number is frequently put in connection with the choice of career a person decides for.

In the following lines will uncover the method to calculate Life Path number for the same example of birthday.

How to calculate Life Path number?

Life Path can be calculated by using the birth date.

For example, June 24, 1986




Then add the two digits until you obtain one number:


The Life path number for this example is 9.

Here you can find useful connections to the numerology meaning of the each of the Life Path numbers in terms of profession and appropriate careers.

Careers for number 1

Careers for number 2

Careers for number 3

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Careers for number 6

Careers for number 7

Careers for number 8

Careers for number 9

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