How to calculate Soul Number?

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The Soul Number indicates hidden traits and can reveal aspects behind important life decisions, like choosing a career or choosing a place to life in.

This is one of the numbers numerology can extract from your birthday and is actually the calendar day of the birthday. It can be used to reveal what is behind the characteristics of an individual, understand what triggers the kind of behavior that person has why he/she makes certain choices in life.

This numerology reading can be interpreted in a backward manner to reveal personality traits or in a forward manner to shine a light on what future might hold for someone. The Soul Number is frequently put in connection with the unconscious.

How to calculate Soul Number?

This number is represented by the calendar day of your birth. If the said birth day has two digits then it will have to be reduced by addition to only one digit.

For June 19th 1980 the birth day is 19.



The Soul number for the example is 1.

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