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Numerology says that we can consider our lives as cycles of actions and reactions and that everything is connected. We can interpret each year we life as defined by a certain type of experience or stage. In order to discover the stage you are currently under you should divide your age to 9 and then take into consideration the remainder. In case the remainder is 0 it means that you are currently on stage 9. Below you can find the 9 stages, briefly described:

Stage 1: This is a period in which you are full of initiative and acting all leadership like. You are full of ideas and also can easily find the courage to stand by your convictions. It is a good time to take initiative both professionally and personally. You are honest and direct and those around you will be sure to notice. You should establish which are your priorities and then find the means to accomplish your goals. There is a great stage for brining relationships up front and for making strong commitments.

Stage 2: This is a period of romance and of attention towards finding a partner or developing the relationship. You are mysterious, charming and full of imagination. It is a time full of reverie and day time dreaming but you might not have enough courage to bring your dreams in reality. There is also a huge potential to meet people that will late influence your life as it’s a good time to know someone, be it in love or business because you will be quite observing and quick to seize all kinds of details. The only things you should stay away from is hurrying things and trying to manipulate others because it will definitely not work.

Stage 3: This is a period of enthusiasm, optimism and plenty of activity. You feel like you are able to conquer the world as you are exactly in the right place for it. Your ideas are amazing and you are not willing to let anyone or anything make you sad. This is a great time to start on personal endeavors, especially creative ones. It will be a period of partying and carelessness but there is also a word of caution on being extra careful in whom you trust.

Stage 4: This is a period of patience and tolerance. You will need a lot of diplomacy and perseverance to get your plans through but in the end it will be all worth it. It might be a year of challenges that are life changing but also a year of personal revelation. You are also able to focus on what is really important for you and find solutions to your problems, most of them created just by you in the previous years. This is a period in which passion couples with business and love is extremely cerebral.

Stage 5: This is a period of heightened sensations and emotional liability. Your benefit from an active life but this might lead you to sometimes feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by all your responsibilities. Maybe it’s time for you to find ways to vent and the right activities that can relax you. It might also be a case of energies wasted in the wrong direction. You should try to enlarge your horizons through travel and studies at this stage.

Stage 6: This is a period of doubt and mystery over the simplest things in life. You’ve kind of lost that brave self confidence and you seem to be questioning many of your decisions. You should try not to live in frustration and accept that past is past. However this year will bring some financial opportunities you should seize at the right time. It is a year of family and friends so be careful with whom you are surrounding yourself.

Stage 7: This is a period of calm but sadness. You might feel overwhelmed by pessimism or maybe a strong feeling of uncertainty. You will search for answers in all kinds of places but little things will actually satisfy you. At this stage you are quite moody and hard to deal with despite not having many serious reasons to act like that. It is also a period in which you will need to be patient and understanding with your partner.

Stage 8: This is a period of personal revelations in the areas of feelings and self development. You will be more inclined to learn something new or develop a skill. There will be unexpected turn of events that will shed a different light on things you considered would never change but that actually did. You should stay away from investing your resources be it time or money in projects you are not very sure of. Most of the things happening to you are actually the outcome of your actions.

Stage 9: This is a period of challenges and rewards. Everything that you will be doing will have a certain count in your life and the results will soon are. It will be a period mostly hectic but with often moments of lucidy and realism. You should stay away from doubts and don’t take too many risks. Listen to your intuition because it will help you with most of the decisions you will have to take during this step. This is somewhat a year of preparation before action.

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