Information provided on is based on the knowledge and education of our enthusiast astrologer who is always researching and compiling new astral dispositions and characteristics.

In order to meet your thirst of knowledge, we decided to list here some of our recommendation for further reading offline if you want to dig deeper in Western Astrology. Make sure you revisit this page as we are adding new resources in time.

  • The Modern Text-Book of Astrology by Margaret Hone;
  • Alan Oken's Complete Astrology by Alan Oken;
  • The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology by April Elliott Kent;
  • Parker’s Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker;
  • Astrologer's Handbook by Sakoian and Acker;
  • The Manual of Astrology, The standard work by Sepharial;
  • Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Dusty Bunker;
  • Art of Forecasting by Sophia Mason.