Top 5 Aquarius Travel Destinations

By Denise on May 15, 2016, 11253 views

Their idea of a refreshing holiday for Aquarius involves some sort of meditation or at least dedicated peaceful time so they do enjoy an exotic retreat if it offers them enough remoteness.

Not your kind of planner, don’t expect Aquarius to dream with their eyes open for months and months preparing the perfect holiday. They’ve seen it, they want it, they can afford it then it is theirs. This also means that they are not very keen on making too many plans either.

One fault you can impose on them is the fact that they are not necessarily keen on mingling with the locals and prefer to keep their safe distance, even when the culture they are visiting is fairly similar to theirs.

They will play it nice when it comes to helping others but will most likely socialize best with those they came with. They are the sort to volunteer but they also delineate travel with these purposes from personal travel.

#1 Venice, Italy

Venice #1 Aquarius Travel Destination

Traveling might be the best excuse to think about them and leave their usual humanitarian efforts aside. But this doesn’t mean that they are not quick to jump to anyone’s rescue if need be

A little exoticism and mystery will heighten their senses but you can also meet them happily strolling on a grand boulevard in a busy city.

What if we exchange boulevards for canals and cars for gondolas and we mix all those mystery ingredients they seem to be aching for. Do you need more clues or have you figured out Venice already?

#2 Katmandu, Nepal

Katmandu #2 Aquarius Travel Destination

They may be concerned at first about logistics, especially about the place they are going to lay their head at night but are not very pretentious as long as the location fits.

They make good companions because they often lead those with whom they travel take the lead. However, if something catches their eye then they can turn into spoiled children and fight for what they want despite everyone else.

Noisy, vibrant, full of history with its 12th century temples and with a UNESCO world heritage status, the symbolism of Katmandu will most likely satisfy Aquarius.

#3 Singapore

Singapore #3 Aquarius Travel Destination

They enjoy spending time in the nature but again, they have their limits, however they can’t be trusted too much around animals they can pet because they become all smooch with them.

Highly modern cities are a great attraction for Aquarius and they usually take their time to see how things work and visit science museums or planetariums. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, Singapore Flyer or the Merlion are just a few of the attractions Singapore has to offer.

#4 Cancun, Mexico

Cancun #4 Aquarius Travel Destination

On the other hand, they have high requirements about night life and although they might not go out every night, if they feel the urge to do so, they need to know they have the best place ready.

They want to be provoked by their destination but at the same time have enough safety nets to return to comfort. With the nightlife reputation of Cancun and the white sand beaches and multitude of hotels to choose from, they are all set.

#5 Charleston, US

Charleston #5 Aquarius Travel Destination

Surprisingly enough, Aquarians also prefer to delight in the simplicity of the south and might have a great time in the politest city of South Carolina. The Cooper river, the Charleston Harbor Resort or the many joints to grab something to eat casually are just a few of the delights.

And I bet you want to know what’s the deal with the pineapples, its iconic fruit, I can tell you it has some history behind…

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