Aries Sign Symbol

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According to the tropical astrology, Aries is the first zodiac sign on the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the Sun through the sign of the Ram between March 21 and April 19 each year.

The Ram is considered to be a mythical creature that relates to power and wealth but also to strategy and wisdom.

It suggests a boastful individual who is cheerful, relaxed and resourceful. It also shows a bit of the hasty nature of the Aries individual who is thought to be as spontaneous, direct and stubborn as the Ram.

Symbolism and history of the Ram

The Ram in the Aries astrology meaning is the representative figure of the Golden Ram in Greek mythology. This is the mythical animal that saved the sun of king Athamus: Phrixus. Zeus decided to reward him for his courage and placed him among the stars. This is how the Aries constellation is said to have been created.

Being the symbol of the first zodiac sign that rises in the spring, the Ram also symbolizes springtime and renewal. It has long been depicted with the cornucopia “the horn of plenty”, which is the ancient symbol of wealth.

The Ram is one of the leadership figures from history and combines the male aggression and virility with the raw energy and egocentricity of the first born.

Aries Symbol

The glyph of the Aries zodiac sign depicts the horns of the Ram. Interpreted differently, we may be looking at a vertical line which is then divided at the top edge in two symmetrical branches. The vertical line is cold and unwavering whilst the branches seem to explode with emotion.

Characteristics of the Ram

The first thing worth mentioning about the individuals ruled by the sign of the Ram is that their approach to life is one head on. They tackle everything directly and wilfully although they sometimes rush into making decisions.

They are also the first sign of the zodiac to display leadership qualities and to stick to their beliefs and ideals in a fierce way.

The Ram individual uses his head for strategic thinking and this is the method in which he fights his way through life. These people are fast to react and just as fast to recover from deceit.

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