Top 5 Aries Travel Destinations

By Denise on May 15, 2016, 10830 views

Bold and feisty, just like Aries, the ideal destination must be. But no worries as these natives embrace travel with plenty of enthusiasm and don’t need too much convincing.

There is one point though, they are not very patient in their exploration ideas, they need to be there fast! But don’t exclude long haul destinations if they’re in the right company though.

Arieses sure make key target for last minute trips if their work arrangements permit it, they can’t really say no to a good travel occasion.

Don’t be surprised if you see them travelling on their own, they sometimes prefer it, especially when they are young. This compared to the experience of big groups where they have to wait for everyone to decide, and we already established that patience is not their virtue.

At the same time, this offers them the occasion to fully customize their experience and only go visit what they actually want.

#1 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro #1 Aries Travel Destination

If they’re not exotic enough on their own, they sure want to explore something exotic, so how about Rio de Janeiro?

They are keen on getting local recommendations and actually living the lifestyle so they’ll mingle amongst the locals to get the best feel of the place. Is there any more need to mention the Carnival, bossa nova or the giant statue of Jesus that is often struck by lightning?

#2 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague #2 Aries Travel Destination

They are quick to seize what others are doing and often follow in their foot steps, but of course, without letting themselves lead in any way. After the Velvet Revolution of 1989 Prague as one of the attractive destinations of Europe. It is still growing, so what could be better for the road opener Aries?

Arieses take inspiration from travel blogs and dream with their eyes open at the moment when they’ll have the courage to do the same. They can get the same experience there.

#3 Glacier National Park, Montana, US

Glacier National Park #3 Aries Travel Destination

Arieses tend to get very heated during summer so they usually prefer destinations with cooler temperature. If this is not possible during peak heat, they know exactly where to go in winter. Their horns are strong willed and can’t accept defeat in any environment so they quickly adapt.

Don’t think you’ll see them too attached to their cameras and phones, not more attached than everyone else is nowadays, as they prefer to life in the moment and are rarely concerned about preserving too much of their getaways.

Now you understand why a park of over 1 million acres with parts from two mountain ranges, numerous lakes and a great ecosystem of species - the crown of the continent – sound like a great choice.

#4 Chicago, US

Chicago #4 Aries Travel Destination

Although they are all about surprises, sometimes they crave a peaceful retreat, and by peaceful I mean that they plan most of the activities in advance and then just follow the script.

It’s still extremely active and covering most of what people can do in one place but since it is planned in advance, it gives them some sort of peace of mind.

Chicago brings you The taste of Chicago food festival, benefits from the world’s longest street (its Western Avenue) and you can’t really get bored with its 15 miles of bathing beaches, can you?

#5 Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston #5 Aries Travel Destination

Friendly enough, Aries usually gets into lucky coincidences, makes friends on the road and discovers more because of this than their other zodiac sign counterparts. Imagine the mixture between the busy business capital of Jamaica and its general relaxation.

In terms of changing their minds, of course they will do it and of course they won’t hesitate turning half way through to go some place else because they heard through word of mouth that something exciting was going on there

Some examples of other favorite activities of Aries during holidays include trekking, water sports like rafting, horse riding or even urban exploration. If you can keep up with them in these activities, you are more than welcome, but if you are not sure, then you are better off.

They don’t refuse the adventure/ amusement park experience either, anything that can get adrenaline going, and, depending on age, they are more or less open to extreme sports, just to prove their strength.

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