Famous Cancer People

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Cancer is the sixth zodiac sign on the scale from the most common to the least common zodiac sign. This is quite a balanced position for the moody Cancer. There is a slight peak in the number of chief executives whose birthdays are in June and July. And five of the past 22 Nobel Peace Prize winners were born under the Cancer zodiac sign. This only gives a realistic approach to what the stars say about the natural born leaders Cancer’s are and how their introspection and extraordinary sensitivity turns them into great artists and science people.

We all look up to them and wonder how their life is like. You would be surprised to know how alike you are to the celebrities with the same zodiac sign as you. The stars influence everyone’s lives in quite the same way but it’s up to each of us to seize the opportunities we encounter.

This is the list of each of the Cancer dates and the famous Cancer people celebrated on each of these birthdays:

Born on June 21st: Jean-Paul Sartre, Prince William, Lana Del Rey and David Morissey.

Born on June 22nd: John Dillinger, Dan Brown, Meryl Streep and Cyndi Lauper.

Born on June 23rd: Johanes Gutenberg, Jason Mraz, Zinedine Zidane and Selma Blair.

Born on June 24th: Roy O. Disney, Jack Dempsey, Phill Harris, Mick Fleetwood and Lionel Messi.

Born on June 25th: Antoni Gaudi, George Orwell, Ricky Gervais, Carly Simon and George Michael

Born on June 26th: Eleanor Parker, Sean Hayes, Ariana Grande and Derek Jeter.

Born on June 27th: Hellen Keller, Tobey Maguire, Lionel Richie and Ed Westwick.

Born on June 28th: King Henry the VIII, John Cusack, Kathy Bates and Felicia Day.

Born on June 29th: James Van Der Zee, Gary Busey, Richard Lewis, Nicole Sherzinger and Lily Rabe.

Born on June 30th: Cheryl Cole, Michael Phelps, Mike Tyson and Allegra Versace.

Born on July 1st: Princess Diana, Pamela Anderson, Liv Tyler and Estee Lauder.

Born on July 2nd: Hermann Hesse, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale and Larry David.

Born on July 3rd: Franz Kafka, Tom Cruise, Sebastian Vettel, Julian Assange and Olivia Munn.

Born on July 4th: Georges Pompidou, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Calvin Coolidge, Bill Withers and Melanie Fiona.

Born on July 5th: Adam Young, Eva Green, Huey Lewis, Edie Falco and Roisin Murphy.

Born on July 6th: Frida Kahlo, Dalai Mala, George Bush, Janet Leigh and Sylvester Stallone

Born on July 7th: Gustav Mahler, Ringo Starr, Jeremy Kyle and Pierre Cardin.

Born on July 8th: John Pemberton, John D. Rockefeller, Sophia Bush, Kevin Bacon and Hugo Boss.

Born on July 9th: Elias Howe, Tom Hanks, O. J. Simpson, Courtney Love and Kevin O'Leary.

Born on July 10th: Nikola Tesla, John Calvin, Jessica Simpson, Adrian Grenier and Sofia Vergara.

Born on July 11th: John Quincy Adams, Lil Kim, Richie Sambora, Andre Johnson and Giorgio Armani.

Born on July 12th: Henry David Thoreau, Bill Cosby, Gareth Gates and Loni Love.

Born on July 13th: Julius Caesar, Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Charlotte Dujardin and Benny Bennasi.

Born on July 14th: Gustav Klimt, Gerald R. Ford, Jane Lynch, Matthew Fox and Dan Reynolds.

Born on July 15th: Rembrandt, Diane Kruger, Adam Savage, Linda Rondstadt and Taylor Kinney.

Born on July 16th: Roald Amundsen, Ginger Rogers, Will Ferrell and James Maslow.

Born on July 17th: Erle Stanley Gardner, David Hasselhoff, Angela Merkel and Donald Sutherland.

Born on July 18th: Nelson Mandela, Vin Diesel, Richard Branson, Kristen Bell and Chace Crawford.

Born on July 19th: Edgar Degas, Samuel Colt, Vicky Carr, Campbell Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Born on July 20th: Gregor Mendel, Natalie Wood, Carlos Santana and Gisele Bundchen.

Born on July 21st: Ernest Hemingway, Robin Williams, Paloma Faith, Josh Hartnett and Don Knotts.

Born on July 22nd: Willem Dafoe, David Spade, Selena Gomez and Colin Ferguson.

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