Top 5 Gemini Travel Destinations

By Denise on May 15, 2016, 11828 views

Gemini needs to be in good company to actually enjoy their holiday and feel like it was worth leaving home and usually the more the merrier is the rule. Easily bored, stimulation needs to be at maximum for them to be happy.

On the other hand, since they’re so impatient, you might imagine they hate traveling by train or car, but guess what, if they have someone to listen to their rambling, they are very happy with any arrangements.

This also helps them focus their expectations because they often need time to sink in particular ideas.

Remember that Geminis are adaptable and versatile, meaning they don’t need too much time to understand how the ropes work in one place and they might surprise you by seizing other opportunities as well. They are the ones in the package holidays that are always keen to try the extras.

Don’t worry about leaving them unattended in a different place because although they might seem as if their heads are in the clouds, they have the eloquence and wittiness to get themselves out of the trickiest situation. Not to mention that they would love the occasion to mingle with locals and extract all kinds of information from them.

#1 San Francisco, US

San Francisco #1 Gemini Travel Destination

If they are to spend more than a few days, then that place needs to be restless and keep them guessing. They might enjoy an exotic retreat, but that alone doesn’t make it for them.

They need things to move round the clock, so don’t even think about destinations with a natural curfew, no matter how exciting or full of history they might be.

If the view from the Golden Gate Bridge is not convincing enough, let’s add the cable cars, the Exploratorium and the Alcatraz Island with the infamous prison, just to satisfy all tastes.

#2 Athens, Greece

Athens #2 Gemini Travel Destination

Geminis are in a good mood if they get to visit museums or ancient civilizations and benefit from a guide. They will soak in everything that they are told and then all of a sudden transform in the teacher for everyone else.

But don’t worry, as the day comes to an end, they are still the first to raid any bars or clubs available.

The historical capital of Europe offers more than the largest city center pedestrian zone, such as access to famous archaeological sites giving you a feel of ancient times.

#3 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam #3 Gemini Travel Destination

A welcoming city is more important than where they get to sleep, not to mention that they won’t do too much sleeping, especially during their young days.

Connecting with people with eclectic tastes is the indulging they are searching for in their travel endeavors.

Surely Amsterdam greets you from the beginning with one of the largest European airports but I also predict a challenge of counting the numerous canals and bridges or perhaps the number or bars and windows in the Red District…

#4 Beijing, China

Beijing #4 Gemini Travel Destination

Shopping needs to be local and they can’t be fooled into accepting tourist prices, they will negotiate fiercely. This part of getting the best deal is something they can take pride in after returning home, this an all the cultural information they are planning on boring everyone with.

The capital of the People’s Republic of China entices with Jing Cuisine, the Forbidden City with the Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, not to mention the Great Wall or the famous Tiananmen Square, the largest in the word.

#5 Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Tayrona National Park #5 Gemini Travel Destination

They might jump on to seize a last minute deal but the thought of the whole adventure diminishes as time goes, especially if they didn’t have that in their dreams. They appreciate fighting for something and don’t fancy too much things that they can take for granted.

Since they are not keen on planning every detail or too excited about on the spot changes, they are best when traveling with a companion who can deal with all the practicalities and keep them entertained.

How about one of the most ecological destinations along the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, Tayrona with its jungle adventure?

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