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Leo is the eleventh zodiac sign on the scale from the most common to the least common zodiac sign, this means Leo is the second most rarely met zodiac sign. Leo is a masculine, odd numbered, positive sign with a dynamic energy. This sign is subjective, focused on self and with little social awareness. There is a slight peak of engineers and workers in transportation born in Leo.

We all look up to them and wonder how their life is like. You would be surprised to know how alike you are to the celebrities with the same zodiac sign as you. The stars influence everyone’s lives in quite the same way but it’s up to each of us to seize the opportunities we encounter.

This is the list of each of the Leo dates and the famous Leo people celebrated on each of these birthdays:

Born on July 23rd: Woody Harrelson, Seymour Hoffman and Daniel Radcliffe.

Born on July 24th: Amelia Earhart, Jennifer Lopez, Zelda Fitzgerald, Elisabeth Moss and Anna Paquin

Born on July 25th: Estelle Getty, Walter Brennnan, Matt LeBlanc and James Lafferty.

Born on July 26th: George Bernard Shaw, Carl Jung, Aldous Huxley, Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger and Kevin Spacey.

Born on July 27th: Johan Bernoulli, Alexandre Dumas Jr., Peggy Fleming and Maya Rudolph.

Born on July 28th: Beatrix Potter, Hugo Chavez, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Terry Fox.

Born on July 29th: Benito Mussolini, Peter Jennings, Fernando Alonso and Martina McBride.

Born on July 30th: Henry Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Simon Baker and Lisa Kudrow.

Born on July 31st: J. K. Rowling, Wesley Snipes, Dean Cain and Zac Brown.

Born on August 1st: Francis Scott Key, William Clark, Yves Saint-Laurent and Coolio.

Born on August 2nd: James Baldwin, Myrna Loy, Peter O'Toole and Mary Louise Parker.

Born on August 3rd: Ernie Pyle, Martin Sheen, Martha Stewart and Evangeline Lilly

Born on August 4th: Elisabeth the Queen Mother, Louis Armstrong, Barack Obama and Louis Vuitton.

Born on August 5th: Vitus Berring, Neil Armstrong, Olivia Holt and Jesse Williams.

Born on August 6th: Alexander Fleming, Edith Roosevelt, Andy Warhol, Lucille Ball and Vera Farmiga.

Born on August 7th: Mata Hari, David Duchovny, Mike Trout and Charlize Theron.

Born on August 8th: Matthew Henson, Dustin Hoffman, Roger Federer and Meagan Good.

Born on August 9th: Amedeo Avogadro, Whitney Houston, Gillian Anderson and Anna Kendrick.

Born on August 10th: Herbert Hoover, Antonio Banderas, Suzanne Collins and Ian Anderson.

Born on August 11th: Alex Haley, Hulk Hogan, Pablo Sandoval and Chris Hemsworth.

Born on August 12th: Erwin Schrodinger, George Hamilton, Mario Balotelli and Jim Beaver.

Born on August 13th: Lucy Stone, Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro and Sam Champion.

Born on August 14th: Steve Martin, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson and Mila Kunis.

Born on August 15th: Napoleon Bonaparte, Ben Affleck, Princess Anne, Julia Child and Jennifer Lawrence.

Born on August 16th: Madonna, James Cameron, Steve Carrell and Angela Bassett.

Born on August 17th: Davy Crockett, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and Taissa Farmiga.

Born on August 18th: Robert Redford, Roman Polanksi, Patrick Swayze and Christian Slater.

Born on August 19th: Orwille Wright, Bill Clinton, Coco Chanel, Matthew Perry and John Stamos.

Born on August 20th: H.P. Lovecraft, Benjamin Harrison, Isaac Hayes and Robert Plant.

Born on August 21st: Kenny Rogers, Wilt Chamberlain, Kim Cattrall, Hayden Panettiere and Usain Bolt.

Born on August 22nd: Claude Debussy, Dorothy Parker, Tori Amos and Ty Burrell.

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