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According to the tropical astrology, Leo is the fifth zodiac sign in the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the Sun through the sign of the Lion between July 23 and August 22 every year.

The Lion is a symbol of power and noblesse but also a symbol of a leader who turns sometimes into a tyrant.

This suggests the one who leads the crowd but whom stays aside of it and is not always fully aware of what is going on around. This is the individual who is well aware of his capacities and who takes pride in its status.

Symbolism and history of the Lion

The Lion in the Leo astrology meaning is the representative figure of the leader of the animal pack. This is the king of the animals and the one to decide fates and lead crowds.

The lion is the bearer of the power in many mythologies: Krishna in Gita, Christ, the lion of Judah, Buddha the lion in Shakya and the lion of Allah.

In Greek mythology there is a reference to the Lion of Nemea whom Heracles had to fight, in one of the twelve labours.

It appears that the hero had to fight the lion with his bare hands. As a remembrance of this battle Zeus decided to place the Lion amongst the start, creating the constellation that astrology now refers to as that of Leo.

Leo Symbol

The symbol of the Leo zodiac sign depicts a lion in a majestic pose. The glyph consists of a circle, reminding of the lion’s head and a curved line, reminding of the lion’s silhouette and tail. Because of the predominance of curved lines, this is also a sign with a high emotional charge.

Characteristics of the Lion

The lion is above all a leader over his kingdom. His imposing and dignified presence brings fear into everyone. He is always depicted as proud, wealthy and relaxed as if he knows that the whole world is at his service.

Leo natives seem to take all their pride from the noble lion and they are always described as assertive and strong. They have sharp reactions and boast of self-confidence. They know their worth and they act according to it.

They are also defensive and protective of their possessions and families. They never step aside when it comes to defending the things they love and take advantage of any occasion that can help them earn the respect of those around.

Despite being the great leader, it seems that the lion knows he sometimes needs to descend into the crowd, occasions in which he proves how sociable and generous he can be. These natives have a magnetic charm about them and are always the soul of any gathering.

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