Top 5 Leo Travel Destinations

By Denise on May 15, 2016, 10201 views

Leo craves to be noticed and adulated so they often prefer places away from home where they can be very different from the locals.

The lively Leo doesn’t necessarily need to be accompanied by people of the same caliber to have fun but it would be better. They can be the life and soul of a party but they need something more than that if we are talking about a long trip.

Beside all this pampering that they are craving in their getaways, they are also interested in being dynamic and not wasting too much time on waiting. This is why they will avoid famous tourist spots in the places they go to and only if really necessary, they might queue.

Another advantage of traveling with the generous Leo is that if they are keen to experience something that might not be in the budget of their friends, they might splurge on them just to be in the right company.

They might be enticed by the thought of a cruise but if it doesn’t offer A star services, something they not always can afford, then they might pass on that. It’s either best or nothing for them often so they might be losing on some exotic retreats just because they don’t offer their required comfort.

#1 Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast #1 Leo Travel Destination

A Leo in the sun is a majestic sight and it seems to remain like this for our natives as well. They would appreciate a luxurious resort more than whatever fancy hotel in the middle of a bustling city.

This doesn’t mean however that you can’t drag them to a city break and that they won’t make the best of it.

The luck has it that they are usually accompanied by people who know they way or in case they aren’t, they don’t fettle too much in finding places to see and activities to do, without planning in advance.

#2 Rome, Italy

Rome #2 Leo Travel Destination

They are ready to follow their five-star retreat with months of being on a tight budget just to feel like they lived for that holiday.

Talking about holidaying in style then Rome can’t be missed. And it’s not only about the buildings, the ruins or the pizza, Rome itself is a declaration of style.

#3 Shanghai, China

Shanghai #3 Leo Travel Destination

When they are not indulging with something completely out of their price range, they are to be found shopping in a bazaar, trying to negotiate everything, trying to catch up on what they’ve spent elsewhere.

But they also do it for the fun and for the engagement they get with the locals, not to mention a bit of competition.

The Shanghai experience means that everything is delivered to your doorstep, means decadent brunch, the Pearl Tower majestically supervising the skyline, exploration of historic city and much more.

#4 Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Alaska

Alaska #4 Leo Travel Destination

Don’t even think about taking your proud Leo onto an adventure of trekking and rafting, because unless they planned it, they won’t be very happy with it. They need to do things that can highlight their capabilities and in case they don’t have the best physical shape, they won’t accept to show any weakness.

A Leo will most likely feel right at home in the land of the majestic bald eagles. Plus, the preserve boasts other species as well and beautiful mountain scenery.

#5 Washington DC, US

Washington DC #5 Leo Travel Destination

They do share from their positivism so if they’re happy, then this is truly contagious. On the other hand, when they are angered, they manage to ruin everyone’s mood, not manage, they actually make it their point in ensuring everyone feels the same as they do.

You can discover magic in Washington beside the White house, the Capitol or the Smithsonian. It is a place of power indeed and this appeals to Leos most.

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