Pisces Birthstone Characteristics

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The birthstone for Pisces is the Aquamarine, thus natives wearing this precious material are said to be protected against negative influences whilst at the same time, their native features will be enhanced.

The Aquamarine symbolizes awareness and courage. It is thought to influence humanitarian efforts and ease communication between people.

Pisces people may find that it sort of prompts them to be more romantic and more empathic with those around. It may also temper their exaggerations and their hypersensitive nature at times.

Aquamarine Birthstone

Aquamarine influence: This birthstone is thought to bring harmony and comfort and enhance the wearer’s consciousness, intelligence and courage.

Aquamarine health benefits: This gemstone is said to have beneficial effects on liver, stomach, throat and teeth. It can also calm nerves and enhance mental clarity.

Aquamarine facts: This was the stone of the god of the seas and its name is derived from the Latin words aqua and marina. This stone can be found in countries like Brazil, Nigeria and Madagascar.

Aquamarine colors: This gemstone comes in all kind of blue-green shades.

Aquamarine jewelry: It is recommended to use Aquamarine for rings, necklaces, earrings and watches.

Other Pisces gemstones:

Amethyst - symbol of sobriety and elegance.

Opal - symbol of fidelity and assurance.

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