Pisces Sign Symbol

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Pisces is the twelfth and last zodiac sign on the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the Sun through the sign of the Fishes between February 19 and March 20 every year, according to the tropical astrology.

The Fishes is often associated with divine consciousness. The pair seem to be swimming in opposite directions, another testament of the dual and emotional nature of the Pisces individual.

Symbolism and history of the Fishes

The Fishes in the Pisces astrology meaning are the representative figure of two creatures who are strongly connected like through an umbilical cord but whom are always craving for different things, therefore swimming in different directions.

This suggests the duality of the human nature and of life in general. It can be likened to the yin and yang or the forces of the two sides of the human brain.

The fish is depicted in religious iconography as related to the cycle of life, a beginning in the evolutionary process. It also suggests the ability to view everything from two opposing sides.

Pisces Symbol

The symbol of the Pisces zodiac sign depicts the two fish always tightly connected, however, headed towards opposite directions. The glyph consists of two vertically oriented crescents, back to back and united via an horizontal line which unites the opposing natures and symbolizes conciliation of the oppositions.

Characteristics of the Fishes

The Pisces natives are all like their symbol, sensitive, moving freely and empathic. They are as moody as the tides and the perpetual movement of water everywhere. They are of great depth and intuition too.

These natives are compassionate and eager to follow and connect to their peers, they seem to be going with the flow and they try not to complicate their lives unnecessarily.

The two fish swimming in opposite directions refer to their complex process of thought and to how Pisces people are often conflicted between their beliefs and their feelings.

Pisceans are versatile and quick to adapt to change. They are friendly and affectionate on the surface, but complex dreamers and sensible thinkers on the inside.

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