Top 5 Pisces Travel Destinations

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They are the dreamers of the zodiac but you won’t really see them planning their escapades well in advance as Pisces will act on impulse and will know straight away if a certain path is right for them or not.

This means that their travel is usually filled with surprises and sudden changes of plans and not everyone can keep up with them.

They do need companionship to bounce ideas off, especially when their days are filled with a lot of information and sightseeing to do.

Quite easy to satisfy when they are in a good mood, Pisces will follow their intuition and will find inner peace in the weirdest of sceneries. One year they might go for remoteness, the next they will recharge their batteries in a busy tourist city.

Although fairly sociable, Pisceses have their limits and during their travels try to stay away from too much socialization. They get the information they need and move on. And usually, they are quite inquisitive, all in the attempt to make the best of their time.

#1 Las Vegas, US

Las Vegas #1 Pisces Travel Destination

Young natives are on the look out for the best places to spend their nights in and they are not trusting anything unless they have tried it themselves. This is why they are quick to mingle with locals to hear about the latest news.

So Las Vegas would come naturally, beyond the casinos and all you can eat, if you mix with the right kind, you are in for more than a night’s entertainment.

#2 Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu #2 Pisces Travel Destination

They will show their wild site when exploring exotic places but will also show signs of empathy and traditionalism if visiting a place full of history.

They enjoy local customs but only when they are entertaining or delicious, never when they tell them how to behave.

Fascinating and intriguing, not to mention the amazing panorama, Machu Picchu will quench their thirst of nature, history and spirituality combined.

#3 Svalbard Islands, Arctic Ocean

Svalbard Islands #3 Pisces Travel Destination

Another thing to keep in mind about Pisces is that they can be quite dominant at times, although they don’t know what they want themselves.

If they have one idea stuck in their minds they will follow it. This might prove troublesome especially when they are trying to do something that might be forbidden in one place.

They are stimulated by vastness and open spaces so how about the realm of the polar bear, the Svalbard Islands with their beautiful landscapes.

#4 Cairo, Egypt

Cairo #4 Pisces Travel Destination

As one of the most spiritual signs, they enjoy history and exotic displays and in general can’t get enough of that so another great destination is Cairo. The wonders of the historical capital of Egypt go beyond the pyramids and the Nile.

#5 Saint Tropez, France

Saint Tropez #5 Pisces Travel Destination

They may be craving for a romantic retreat but they are often too focused on their surroundings to really enjoy themselves. And it is especially when they make actual plans that they can’t follow them.

So in case they are traveling with their partners, they are best to just run into romantic situations, not try to build them from scratch.

As a veritable water sign, they feel best near the oceans but don’t say no to a draught ravaged city either as long as it offers them the excitement they are searching for in their travels.

Wandering souls

They do get best in touch with their own feelings when in nature but don’t invite them to any outdoor sports because they are not very reliable. One moment they might be keen about participating, the second already bored of the idea.

Wandering souls, they do find some kind of peace of mind when they return to the familiar and comfort of their homes, only up until the first thought of another getaway creeps in.

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