Top 5 Sagittarius Travel Destinations

By Denise on May 15, 2016, 10614 views

If you want a peaceful retreat, then search for someone else to accompany you as Sagittarius is deep in their own ways and those involve a lot of exploration and local entertainment. They really know how to party when away but also don’t refuse any occasion to prove their physical fitness in any outdoors activities.

They need action during their holidays and it’s either that they buy packages with that included or make sure they have a provision of activities at hand.

Always jovial on the road, they find ways to spend their time even on the longest trip and the expectation of the new place takes away any boredom.

They want to experience their travel first hand and are often the first to try new foods and live like locals for a few days.

They are very adaptable in these situations and you can only say you’ve understood how flexible travelling Sagittarius is when you’ve seen them exchanging two or three different cultures in a matter of days when they do a circuit getaway.

Sagittarius often sees travel as a great learning experience and is a lot more open to new people than it might be at home.

#1 New York, US

New York #3 Sagittarius Travel Destination

A bit unexpected for their activity craving habits, they do enjoy spending some quiet time in a museum or soaking in some of the culture of their getaway.

But you can’t really disturb them when these moments happen because they will react badly. And a moody Sagittarius on the road means that no one else is going to enjoy themselves until they get to their senses.

I can’t imagine any of the signs being unhappy with a New York escapade but Sagittarius is most likely to rejoice like a child here.

#2 Lanzarote, Spanish Canary Island

Lanzarote #2 Sagittarius Travel Destination

They are not enticed by pampering in a resort or indulging in some luxurious restaurant and they tend to do almost all the eating on the go, just to make sure they cram in as much sightseeing as possible.

You may have heard of the beaches there but surely you didn’t know that Lanzarote is a volcanic island and you can spend your break from sunbathing by exploring the surreal landscape such as El golfo and its jade lagoon.

#3 Grand Canyon, Arizona US

Grand Canyon #1 Sagittarius Travel Destination

Behaving just like the true spirit they want to be, they don’t want to be told what they are supposed to visit and prefer to make their own choices even at the peril of missing something out.

They sometimes prefer remote places in search for authenticity and are not very impressed by well-known tourist spots. But the Grand Canyon is the best compromise between the two. Not to mention the sunrise or sunset there.

#4 Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei #4 Sagittarius Travel Destination

They show themselves just as full of charisma as they are and often end up surprising those they are traveling with, in a good way, of course.

On the down side, they might appear distant and distracted but this is them, trying to accustom to something new and losing grip on whatever they came home with.

The capital of Taiwan is an overlooked gem with its modern international Chinese city look, the combination of mountains and rivers. If you are craving summer time heavy rain, that’s your place.

#5 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm #5 Sagittarius Travel Destination

These are also the moments when, exposed to art or local music, they start talking and you realize that they usually know a lot more things than they let people to believe.

Remember that Sagittarius is often a great travel companion as they are rarely bothered by the nuisances of the whole thing and as long as you throw in something adventurous, they often say yes to almost anything.

Stockholm will provide endless ways to spend time on water with its numerous pontoons and leisure boats, IKEA like food but even better and a maze like medieval side of the city you surely don’t expect.

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