Top 5 Scorpio Travel Destinations

By Denise on May 15, 2016, 11562 views

What is most enticing for Scorpio is a location that has both mystery and comfort in it, with things to discover and challenge their senses but also with enough luxury to feel special.

If and when they travel, they do travel in style and take time to perfect certain details, even as they go.

The intense sign sure wants to get to the bottom of things and prefers to dig deep into their destinations instead of accepting the traditional tourist routes.

They might be taken a bit by the idea of a romantic retreat but overall they are more interested in what they have to uncover in the places they visit than they are in making their partners feel special.

At times you might see them chasing after souvenirs while other times they really don’t care about making any long lasting memories beside what their minds can keep.

They don’t mind any setbacks or misunderstandings and often take them naturally. Of course their patience also has a limit but it is required a lot to get on their nerves while on holiday. They are a bit too focused on what other people are saying though.

#1 Ipanema, Brazil

Ipanema #1 Scorpio Travel Destination

Of course that as a sign of water, beach destinations should be a no brainer but these also come with a warning, they need to offer some more attractions than just the water front and the sandy beach.

If the experience encompasses something spiritual and a completely different culture, then that is a forte. They are quick to try out new things but may be a bit reluctant when it comes to traditional products and cuisine.

Bossa nova sound, grid like streets, hot beach, neighborhood to Copacabana and a name derived from the Tupi language meaning “stinky lake”, you must be intrigued!

#2 Paris, France

Paris #2 Scorpio Travel Destination

They are in touch with the cultural part of their destinations but it doesn’t really capture their attention for too long, especially if it is too obvious. And having mentioned that they are not very romantic in their travels, Paris may seem like a difficult choice to make.

But it appears that the city of lights has and will continue to charm and intrigue generations of Scorpios with its “je ne sais quoi”.

#3 Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park #3 Scorpio Travel Destination

They often have outbursts of independence when they might leave for the day to be on their own, if the situation of the getaway allows them to do so.
They also tend to come from any trip fully reinvigorated at spirit and although physically they might feel more than exhausted, their minds are much rested. They take challenges a lot easier after they have spent a few days away.

If you are keen to discover Mongolian nature and perhaps develop a fling with rock climbing, this is the place to go. And you remain in proximity to Ulan Bator, the capital in case you crave some exotic concrete also.

#4 New Orleans, US

New Orleans #4 Scorpio Travel Destination

They only return to a place they’ve already visited if they feel like there something more there, otherwise, they are always adding new destinations on the radar.

Scorpio is not your average traveler so do expect some quirkiness from them when left to their own devices. They are also quite clingy with some ideas and really want to do certain things their way.

The birthplace of jazz is full of annual festivals, colonial architecture and great food. It is a distinctive city in all of the US and one not to miss.

#5 Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Taj Mahal #5 Scorpio Travel Destination

Scorpions often see their holidays as a statement of their position in the society and sometimes let themselves misguided by other people’s choices. If they were to be honest with themselves, they would be happier in the simplest of places if it would offer just enough to discover.

Temperamental and fascinated by those similar, they find it easy to engage with fiery locals but they also retreat quickly if they don’t feel welcomed enough.

A lifetime recommendation is the ivory white marble mausoleum in Agra, the jewel of India and an inspiration to almost 8 million visitors a year.

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