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Taurus is the second zodiac sign on the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the Sun through the sign of the Bull between April 20 and May 20 every year, according to the tropical astrology.

Taurus natives are warm hearted and calm at most times, just like the Bull. They are interested predominantly in their own comfort and don’t have too high expectations from life.

However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t stand in front of anyone that dares to provoke them.

Symbolism and history of the Bull

The Bull in the Taurus astrology meaning is the representative figure of the transformation of Zeus in search for love.

It appears that Zeus had fallen for Europa, a beautiful young woman, and in order to attract her he decided to take the shape of a white bull. In the memory of this moment he is said to have decided to put the Bull amongst the stars, creating the Taurus constellation.

Another mythological existence of the bull is signalled by the presence of Dionysus, the son of Jupiter who used to carry the head of a bull with him, as a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Taurus Symbol

The glyph of the Taurus zodiac sign depicts the head of the Bull. The circle marks the head and the horizontal crescent symbolises the horns. Associated, the two signs indicate the openness of the soul and the regenerative nature of the individual.

Characteristics of the Bull

The Bull by itself is a symbol of provoked aggressiveness and wilfulness. This is the strongest symbol of the Zodiac and it denotes strength and stamina put to good use.

Despite the rough appearance, the Bull is calm and composed and seems to mind his own. It represents the simplicity and delight of the pleasures of life.

He most certainly doesn’t lose his temper quickly but can easily be provoked. When this happens, its sympathetic and kind nature turns into a real hurricane and nothing can stand in their way.

Bulls are head on in life but only in situations when they are set to act like this. The rest of time, they usually show a composed and earthed demeanour.

The Bull native loves their comfort and is willing to put all their stamina and wit toward fulfilling their needs. When faced with blockages, the native won’t hesitate to show power and determination.

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