Top 5 Taurus Travel Destinations

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Indulging and readily capable of relaxation, Taurus takes their time when it comes to visiting places so don’t even think about hurrying them because they will hold a terrible grudge for the rest of the trip.

And since we’ve started on this note, let also put it out there that their notion of holiday is often less excitement and more rest, especially if it involves pampering with a lifestyle they surely don’t afford at home.

They really need to be in charge of the itinerary and leave very little to chance. It’s not like they are too controlling, because their intentions are good and often they don’t even follow them entirely because they let themselves stolen by the beauty or the excitement of the place they are visiting

Their need of safety quickly transpires as they want to cram as much information as possible about the place they are in, make it their temporary home. And speaking of home, they don’t get too attached to their destinations and are not known to keep vacationing in the same place for year.

They might try similar place though and might stick to some sort of travel routine, but that happens later, with age.

#1 Monaco, France

Monaco #1 Taurus Travel Destination

They do enjoy a well rounded city break and if that choice is able to encompass their high specifications, then even better. If you get in there some spa time, then they are sold, massages helping them unwind but also proving to offer them some creative ideas.

Although a bit of a cliché, anything that has to do withine tasting or experiencing all kinds of exotic foods is right up their plate.

If they don’t fancy the Grand Prix or spending their well earned money in a Casino, they still have plenty of choice and celebrity lifestyle to dig into.

#2 Dubai, UAE

Dubai #2 Taurus Travel Destination

They are not the ones to join you on a last minute escape as they need to plan and plan and know a lot of things in advance. And why not be honest, they are a bit lazy at times and their minds need some days or even months to accommodate with a particular idea.

Taurians are known for their fine taste and some are accustomed to taking rare but lavish holidays and really savoring the moment. Do the exquisite night life and the luxury shopping of Dubai need more introductions?

#3 Los Angeles, US

Los Angeles #3 Taurus Travel Destination

For Taurians a successful holiday needs to balance quality and quantity, needs to offer them enough sightseeing at their own pace, some adrenaline rush but not too much. It is like looking at a bustling city and still being able to find relaxation in a hidden retreat.

When it comes to whom they travel with, they prefer to stay with like minded people but won’t be bothered by the occasional break. They might not be very social with people they’ve just met, but who is it in L.A.?

Expensive or not, depending on your budget, the entertainment capital of the world surely caters for all tastes.

#4 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo #4 Taurus Travel Destination

They prefer to indulge themselves in local cuisine and try all kinds of beverages, often in expensive, exclusivist places but at the same time, they always keep in mind that they are on holiday, so dress accordingly, in comfortable clothes.

An empty beach retreat is just perfect for lazing around in stillness, something that really manages to recharge their batteries.

And what better place to mix all this than Santo Domingo? Not to mention that when you’re done with all the food and meringue, you can visit the oldest Cathedral in the world or soak in Boca Chica beach.

#5 Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park #5 Taurus Travel Destination

Truthful to the earthy nature of Taurus, they feel at ease in nature, enjoy going to the beach, especially if it is a remote place and are keen to explore natural reservations.

Practical by all means, an African Safari brings the right combination of adrenaline and nature. The wilderness greets you with zebras, buffalos and probably most of the Lion King set, from the mighty lions to tricky spotted hyenas.

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