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Virgo is the second zodiac sign on the scale from the most common to the least common zodiac sign. Virgo is a feminine, even numbered, negative sign with a magnetic energy. This is a subjective sign, self oriented and showing little social awareness. This is the sign with most educated native but all with the least number of babies in families where one parent is Virgo. Did you know that 12% of the billionaires are Virgos? There is also an above average proportion of stylists and fashion designers born in Virgo.

We all look up to them and wonder how their life is like. You would be surprised to know how alike you are to the celebrities with the same zodiac sign as you. The stars influence everyone’s lives in quite the same way but it’s up to each of us to seize the opportunities we encounter.

This is the list of each of the Virgo dates and the famous Virgo people celebrated on each of these birthdays:

Born on August 23rd: David Wolf, Vera Miles, Kobe Bryant and Rick Springfield.

Born on August 24th: Yasser Arafat, Paolo Coehlo, Dave Chapelle, Stephen Fry, Rupert Grint and Chad Michael Murray.

Born on August 25th: Leonard Bernstein, Elvis Costello, Sean Connery, Claudia Schiffer, Tim Burton and Blake Lively.

Born on August 26th: Antoine Lavoiser, Mother Theresa, Thalia, Macaulay Culkin and Mellisa McCarthy.

Born on August 27th: Lyndon B. Johnson, Mark Webber, Aaron Paul, Patrick J Adams and Tom Ford.

Born on August 28th: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Shania Twain, Jack Black and Jason Priestley.

Born on August 29th: Ingrid Bergman, Michael Jackson, John McCain and William Levy.

Born on August 30th: Warren Buffet, Cameron Diaz, Trevor Jackson and Ryan Ross.

Born on August 31st: Maria Montessori, Itzhac Perlman, Richard Gere, Van Morrison and Chris Tucker.

Born on September 1st: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Gloria Estefan, Dr. Phil McGraw and Bill Kaulitz.

Born on September 2nd: Horace Silver, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek and Mark Harmon.

Born on September 3rd: Ferdinand Porsche, Allan Ladd, Charlie Sheen and Shaun White.

Born on September 4th: Lewis Howard Latimer, Richard Wright and Beyonce Knowles.

Born on September 5th: Jack Daniel, Freddie Mercury, Michael Keaton and Raquel Welch.

Born on September 6th: John Dalton, Roger Waters, Max George and Macy Gray.

Born on September 7th: Grandma Moses, Toby Jones, Gloria Gaynor and Rachel Evan Wood.

Born on September 8th: Peter Sellers, David Arquette, Martin Freeman, Pink and Avicii.

Born on September 9th: Colonel Sanders, Hugh Grant, Adam Sandler and Michael Buble.

Born on September 10th: James E. Keeler, Guy Ritchie, Karl Lagerfeld and Colin Firth.

Born on September 11th: D.H. Lawrence, Paul Bear Bryant, Ludacris and Moby.

Born on September 12th: Maurice Chevalier, Jason Statham, Barry White, Louis C.K., Jennifer Hudson and Paul Walker.

Born on September 13th: Melton Hershey, Roald Dahl, Ben Savage and Stella McCartney.

Born on September 14th: Ivan Pavlov, James Wilson, Andrew Lincoln and Amy Winehouse.

Born on September 15th: Marco Polo, Agatha Christie, Tommy Lee Jones, Oliver Stone, Tom Hardy and Jimmy Carr.

Born on September 16th: David Copperfield, Amy Poehler, Marc Anthony and Alexis Bledel.

Born on September 17th: Edgar Mitchell, Ken Kessey, John Ritter and Kyle Chandler.

Born on September 18th: Leon Faucault, Greta Garbo, Frankie Avalon, James Gandolfini and Lance Armstrong.

Born on September 19th: Mama Cass Elliot, Adam West, Jeremy Irons and Jimmy Fallon.

Born on September 20th: Upton Sinclair, Alexander the Great, Sophia Loren and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Born on September 21st: H. G. Wells, Leonard Cohen, Stephen King and Bill Murray.

Born on September 22nd: Michael Faraday, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Piper and Tom Felton.

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