Virgo Birthstone Characteristics

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The birthstone for Virgo is the Sapphire and is said to enhance the positive traits of the sign whilst keeping negative influence at bay. Birthstones are usually precious or semi precious stones, also called jewels. These are cut and polished in various shapes and are then used in different valuable jewelry or other objects.

The Sapphire symbolizes honesty and constancy. It will make the observant Virgo even more attentive and focused whilst at the same time it will tone down from their critical and perfectionistic tendencies.

This gemstone is also one of clairvoyance and insight and will surround the weaer in an air of mystery which will be very attractive to those around.

Sapphire Birthstone

Sapphire influence: This material is said to channel all energies towards enhancing the positive innate characteristics of an individual, therefore making the Virgo native even more analytical and responsible. Sapphire also symbolizes sincerity and reliability.

Sapphire health benefits: This gemstone is said to be able to alleviate all kinds of pain and also to improve any blood or glandular condition.

Sapphire facts: This gemstone has been popular for centuries and is second in strength after Diamonds. Each Sapphire color is said to have its own unique healing properties.  The most valuable hues are medium to dark blue Sapphires.

Gregorian Birthstone Poem mentioning Sapphire:

A maiden born when September leaves

Are rustling in September's breeze,

A sapphire on her brow should bind

Twill cure diseases of the mind.

Sapphire colors: This gemstone comes in white, blue and pink shades.

Sapphire jewelry: It is recommended to use Sapphire for rings, pendants and earrings.

Other Virgo gemstones:

Amethyst - symbol of sobriety and wisdom.

Peridot -symbol of vitality.

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