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Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign on the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the Sun through the sign of the Maiden between August 23 and September 22 every year, according to the tropical astrology.

The Maiden is one of the classical representations of purity and innocence, coupled with elegance and dignity.

This symbol also pertains to matters of food, health and personal care. Thus, it suggests an individual who is careful with both his appearance and his personal growth.

Symbolism and history of the Maiden

The Maiden in the Virgo astrology meaning is the representative figure of innocence and purity. It is also a symbol of knowledge coupled with dignity and elegance in a noble and calm appearance.

The Maiden is represented by different culture as an innocent young woman who is in control of the resources and abundance of earth and of the rewards of autumn.

In Greek mythology it is represented by the girl Astraea one of the children of the Gods. It is said that the moment Pandora opened her famous box, all the gods returned to the skies and this little girl lost her way.

She managed to reach the skies later on but in remembrance of this episode, Zeus decided to place her somewhere obvious in the skies, thus creating the Virgo constellation.

Virgo Symbol

The symbol of the Virgo zodiac sign depicts a maiden with long and beautiful features, sometimes holding a bundle of wheat. The glyph resembles a calligraphic letter “m”, however, the end vertical line is cut by a loop, which then descends below the “m”. It is inclined to believe that the three vertical lines suggest the conscious, subconscious and superconscious and that their union is made by emotional curves.

Characteristics of the Maiden

The Maiden is usually depicted as a virgin young woman full of purity and in charge with the abundance of earth. It is a symbol of first time discoveries and of learning about the world one step at a time.

These natives discover the world in their own way and are always inquisitive and observant of what is going on around them.

The maiden holding a bundle of wheat describes the intellectual nature of the Virgo natives, their wise and critical personality but also the wealth and richness that is enclosed in a refined and sensible individual.

The natives in Virgo are shy and idealistic. Some may say that they are not quick to jump into action as they prefer to weigh every decision thoroughly. They are sometimes prudish but they do know to adapt to any situation and to the company they find themselves in.

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