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Each of the twelve zodiac signs is represented in astrology by a carefully chosen symbol. The collection of symbols includes animals, human characters and even objects.

It is said that each of these is in strong correlation with the characteristics of the zodiac sign it represents and it is also suggestive of the nature of the individual in that sign.

This article tries to bring together all the twelve symbols, also known as glyphs, and explain what the main characteristics are for them. You will also find out why each symbol was chosen to represent the sign.

You can then go to read more in depth about the zodiac and its symbols, in dedicated articles for each sign.

Aries zodiac sign symbol: the Ram

The Ram represents the mythical animal that saved the sun of king Athamus, Phrixus. It is the symbol of leadership, courage and renewal and suggests a native who is strong, wilful and resourceful.

Taurus zodiac sign symbol: the Bull

The Bull represents the bull in which Zeus transformed himself in order to impress the young Europa. It is the symbol of masculinity, virility and stamina and suggests a native who is both calm and composed but also determined and quick to react.

Gemini zodiac sign symbol: the Twins

The Twins represent the two brothers Castor and Pollux who spent their entire lives together and were reunited by Zeus in the skies. They are the symbol of human interaction, communication and solidarity. This symbol suggests a native who is curious, original and full of enthusiasm towards life.

Cancer zodiac sign symbol: the Crab

The Crab represents the crustacean of the sea that was sent in the fight of Heracles with Hydra. It is the symbol of shelter and retreat from the hardships of life and suggests a native who is sensible, intuitive but also determined.

Leo zodiac sign symbol: the Lion

The Lion represents the lion of Nemea whom Heracles had to fight during his twelve labours challenge. It is the symbol of leadership and power coupled with elegance and suggests a native who is determined, full of pride and very sociable.

Virgo zodiac sign symbol: the Maiden

The Maiden represents the Virgin girl Astraea, who was lost on earth when Pandora opened her box and when all gods ran to the skies. It is the symbol of purity and innocence and suggests a native who is refined, witty and observant.

Libra zodiac sign symbol: the Scales

The Scales represent the instrument of measurement that is known from mythology as held by Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. They are the symbol of justice and moral but also of balance and suggest a native who is correct, observant and trustworthy.

Scorpio zodiac sign symbol: the Scorpion

The Scorpion represents the vindictive animal that holds a lot of determination and emotional strength underneath a strong shell. It is the symbol of the contradictory nature of the human who is consumed by both ambition and emotional needs.

Sagittarius zodiac sign symbol: the Archer

The Archer represents the Centaur, the creature half man - half horse who always aims his arrows towards the skies. It is the symbol of ambition and enthusiasm and suggests a native who is adventurous, energetic and determined.

Capricorn zodiac sign symbol: the Goat

The Goat represents the creature who climbs high towards the mountain peak in the roughest of conditions, thus enduring everything. It is the symbol of resilience, tenacity and hard work and suggests a native who is determined and patient but also full of balance and emotional stability.

Aquarius zodiac sign symbol: the Water bearer

The Water bearer represents the one that brings the most precious resource on earth, water. It is the symbol of generosity, humanitarian effort and knowledge and suggests a native who is innovative, curious and altruistic.

Pisces zodiac sign symbol: the Fishes

The Fishes represent two forces that might seem opposite but in fact, are part of an union. They are the symbol of the duality and complexity of life and suggest a native who is empathic, sensible and friendly.

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