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August 18, Leo

As a Leo born on August 18th, there is something about you that it's just attractive to others. You need to leave all fears aside and just jump on when the opportunity arises because it seems that this is how you get to accomplish your many dreams.

You are generous and loyal and seem to invest a lot of your time in helping others. Prepare to read a detailed profile analysis in the following rows.

The zodiac sign for August 18 is Leo.

Astrological symbol: Lion. This symbol is representative for those born July 23 - August 22, when the Sun transits the Leo zodiac sign. It defines the majestic and courageous nature of these individuals.

The Leo Constellation is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, covering visible latitudes between +90° and -65°. It lies between Cancer to the West and Virgo to the East on an area of 947 square degrees. The brightest star is called Alpha Leonis.

The name Leo is the Latin name for Lion. In Greece, Nemeaeus is the name of the sign for August 18 zodiac sign, while in Spain and France they also use Leo.

Opposite sign: Aquarius. This sign as the opposite or complementary of Leo reveals tranquility and efficacy and shows how these two sun signs have similar goals in life but they reach to them differently.

Modality: Fixed. This quality proposes the secretive nature of those born on August 18 and their practicality and sincerity in taking life as it is.

Ruling house: The fifth house. This house governs life pleasure, whether it is a game, simple fun, social contact or intimate relations. This is a competitive and energetic space where Leos can best express themselves.

Ruling body: Sun. This celestial body is said to influence achievement and diligence. It is also relevant from the majestic sense perspective. The Sun symbol in astrology is a simple circle.

Element: Fire. This is an element said to rule over signs born under the August 18 zodiac sign who are versatile and enthusiastic individuals. Fire heats air, makes water boil or models earth when combined with the other three elements.

Lucky day: Sunday. This flexible day for those born under Leo is ruled by the Sun thus symbolizes generosity and faith.

Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 10, 18, 24.

Motto: "I want!"

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August 18 zodiac, Leo

People born on August 18 are resourceful, forceful and honorable. They are unhesitating to accomplish their objectives but at the same time they try to do it the correct way. They are passionate about their calling but at the same time they need people to be attentive to them and they need to feel as if they are central to their lives. They try to avoid dealing with common people at all costs and are rapid to embark in anything that involves some kind of competition.

Positive traits: Energetic, dependable and self reliant are all characteristics of an evolving Leo surrounded by the right people, who know exactly how to respect and listen to him. Leo people are usually empowered but friendly. Those born under this sign are resourceful and clever. One sure thing can be said about them and it's the fact they are the challenge lovers of the whole zodiac.

Negative traits: These natives are fixed and audacious and often exclude great ideas just because they haven't come up with them. They are imposing and display a boastful behavior, whether they have reasons or not. They are indulging and can't accept not to be central to the world of those close to them. They are stupid at times and supervising and need to learn that they can't get closer to people just to try and control them.

Love and Compatibility for August 18 Zodiac

Lovers born on August 18 are energetic and sensual. They like to take time for courtship, they see this as another competition and of course they do their best to win it. They are attracted to persons that are as energetic and ambitious as they are and can keep up with them. You can conquer the heart of Leo if you know hot to handle them, show them how amazing there are but in the same time temper them and help them get a grip of reality.

Usually a joyful character, they sometimes find it hard to express their emotions and this can make them appear quite difficult and hard to understand. They need time to develop a real connection. For them, relationships and settling will probably be a complex matter but once they decide to have their own family they will turn out to be very protective and patient. They are most compatible with those born on 3th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21th, 23th, 24th and 31st.

August 18 Zodiac people are most attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Sagittarius as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Leo is permanently seeking for a curious and passionate partner who can expand their horizon and the best to offer them this is the native born under Aquarius. The lover in Leo is said to be least compatible with Cancer. As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Leo, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Lucky color

The color used in astrology for those with August 18 is orange.

Orange symbolizes energy and vitality coupled with strength. This zodiac color should be used in objects around the house and accessories.

People having orange as sign color are very competitive but also competent and seeks and greets every challenge with enthusiasm and energy. It is hard to gain their trust but once achieved you have a friend for life. They are the most helpful and compassionate friends.

Other colors for Leo people are red and purple.

Representative birthstone

The birthstone for Leos born with the August 18 is the fiery and vibrant Ruby.

Ruby is a precious material that denotes faithfulness and passion. This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets.

Ruby is said to help the wearer successfully get through any awkward social contact and even make them appear like the most charming and communicative persons. There are also many legends from different historic times involving the special properties of the Ruby.

Another gemstone considered influential for Leo natives is Peridot. It suggests vitality and optimism.

Characteristic flower

Sunflower is the flower that is considered lucky for those Leo natives with August 18.

This plant is known to symbolize warmth and happiness. This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations.

It is well known for its habit to orient according to light just as Leo focuses on achievement. This flower can be found during summer.

Other plants that suit Leo natives are Narcissus and Marigold.

Symbolic metal

The metal considered to be representative for Leo natives with August 18 is Gold.

Gold is one of those metals that denote power and wealth. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories.

Gold is a precious metal with many benefic properties and also meanings related to healing and knowledge. About 80% of the gold is used for jewelry.

Another metal considered lucky for Leo natives is Bronze.

August 18 Zodiac Poll

Those born on August 18 can be described as visionary and stubborn and cannot easily be stopped once they set their mind on something. In love and regarding family they are just as direct as in their rest of their lives however they never make decisions in a haste and do listen to their hearts. They invest everything once they decide on a certain person. Their financial attitude can be summed as not too much saving but not too much overspending either, they are right in the middle, quick to adapt to changes in life. When it comes to health, they are prone to troubles with their body muscles, their hearts and their spines.

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Characteristics of August 18.

August 18 Zodiac belongs to the third decan of LEO (August 13-August 22). This decan is influenced by the planet Mars. Those born under this influence combine the ambition and power of Leo with the bravery of the fighting Mars. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Leo zodiac sign with a great accent on the negative ones.

Being born on the 18th day of the month shows compassion, affection, organization and great imagination and cheerfulness. The numerology for August 18 is 9. This number reveals change, progress and innovation. In association with number nine Leo people turn out to be innovative and humanitarian idealists.

August is the eight month of the year, bringing holidays and very hot, tense days. Those born in August are adventurous and romantic. August 18 Zodiac people are attractive and rebellious. August has as representative symbols the Gladiolus and Poppy as plants and the Peridot and Sardonyx as gemstones. The name comes from Augustus Caesar, the roman emperor.

What statistics say about August 18 Zodiac?

August 18 is the 230th day of the year, or the 231st day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar and there are 135 days left until the end of the year. The seventy ninth day of summer, this is also the National Science Day as observed in Thailand.

Leo as occurrence in birth signs is considered to be the eleventh most popular. A sign of positive meaning with exuberant energy, this exudes masculine energy and is considered an odd numbered sign. This is characteristic for extrovert natives who are well-disposed and approachable. An archetype often used to characterize this sign is the Performer. It seems there are many engineering people and technicians born under Leo.

Famous people born on August 18 under the Leo zodiac sign: Robert Redford, Roman Polanksi, Patrick Swayze and Christian Slater.

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